How Spotify Duo Works?

Spotify offers several subscription plans. One of them is Duo, where two people living at the same address can access the benefits of the Premium version.

Spotify Duo can be accessed by anyone as long as they meet two requirements: they have their own account and they live in the same house as you. The company will request the full address to confirm that it matches the administrator’s address in the following situations:

• During plan entry;

• When the administrator changes the address;

• If the information could not be confirmed.

Providing incorrect information may result in loss of access to the plan. Therefore, when accepting an invitation, a person must send the correct data in order to avoid problems.

The streaming service says that you can only change Duo plans once a year. Also, if you subscribed to Premium through partner companies, you must cancel your subscription and wait until it ends before you subscribe to Duo.

The Duo plan provides all the features available in the Premium version. This means that in addition to being ad-free, each account can download songs for offline listening and listen to (or skip) the tracks they want on any device, such as a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

This subscription also gives you access to the Duo Mix, a playlist that combines the musical tastes of the two members. It brings together artists, songs and genres that everyone loves and is automatically updated whenever new tracks are heard.

Price is one of the deciding factors in any subscription. If you want to subscribe to Spotify Duo, you will have to pay $12.99 per month.

But can you subscribe to Duo if you already have Premium? Yes, you can switch to Duo from your Premium account. Songs, playlists and recommendations will be saved and available after joining. The fee will also auto-renew, but the company warns that the due date could be pushed back a few days to make up the price difference.

The question arises whether in this case the premium subscriber shares his account or does the service create a completely new account within the specified subscription? No, each plan member has their own Premium account, so there is no need to share your login details to your account.

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Spotify has launched a promotion to encourage signing up for the Premium plan. The promotion offers new users three months for free – those who have never been Premium can sign up to enjoy the paid benefits of the streaming platform. But at the same time, everyone will be given a three-month free trial version of the application.

Users who already had Spotify Premium also got a new way to save money by reusing their subscription to the service.

Only the administrator is charged the full amount of the plan, no members are ever invited. Therefore, your friend or family member will have to send their share to your bank account, as there is no way to charge the amount directly from the service.

Payment can be made in two ways: by credit or debit card or by using the prepaid amount purchased with gift cards.

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