How The Beatport Service Is Useful For DJs

Beatport is a service that allows electronic music creators, producers and DJs to buy tracks, listen to releases, arrange collaborations with other artists and promote their compositions.

According to the company, the platform features 11 million tracks from 75,000 music labels, and 465,000 DJs use the service itself. You can upload your tracks to the Beatport library with the help of distributors.

Beatport sends artist sales and streaming statistics quarterly to the distributor through which the music was placed. The report contains data on sales, listening to tracks, as well as where the artist’s music was most often listened to and bought.

On Beatport, you can create an artist card and link it to the page where his music is collected. The card allows the musician to become more recognizable to listeners, promoters and playlist curators – you can add a photo and creative biography to it. Both the distributor and the artist himself can create such a card. To make it yourself, you need to create a user account and fill out the Beatport Artist Profiles form. You can edit the card using the same form. Adding a card to the library takes up to three weeks.

There are three main types of charts in Beatport: platform-driven top charts, Beatport curated charts, and user-generated charts. At their core, charts are analogous to playlists.

  1. Beatport’s top charts are based on sales results. Hitting the track in the chart gives the artist an additional promo – the release is placed on the main page, and they also write about it on the social networks of the service.
  2. Beatport also has curated charts. The duties of the curators of the service are similar to the tasks of program directors of radio stations: they listen to new releases, choose the ones they like the most and add them to their playlists.
  3. You can also create your own chart – in fact, a playlist with the music you like, which the curators of the service can notice and place it on the main page or in the list of favorites. To do this, you need to create an account and an artist card. After creating a DJ profile, you will need to fill out a form, then you can proceed directly to creating a chart. You should use only your own photo as the cover – in case of copyright infringement, Beatport will block the account. You can add any track that is in the service library to the chart.

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Keeping the artist’s library up to date and charting on their behalf will expand their reach, getting into the curated charts and then, as sales increase, into the top Beatport charts.

Popular DJs, concert promoters, producers and curators regularly look for new music on Beatport, and the service itself acts as a platform for creative networking between industry participants.

If you have a Beatport account, you can follow other users, artists, and music labels by clicking the Follow button on your profile card. Based on your subscriptions, Beatport generates personalized recommendations that are sent to you by email.

Beatport has exclusive releases that can only be heard or purchased on site. They are labeled “Exclusive”. This status is maintained for two weeks from the moment of the premiere, then the artist uploads the release to other platforms.

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