How to add music to Apple Music?

You can download your music to Apple Music. This feature in a popular app from Cupertino developers has appeared relatively recently.

Since Apple Music can only be used on a paid subscription, all users have the ability to add music in the application. Other music streaming services provide this opportunity only to paid subscribers, but those who use the free version do not have such an opportunity.

Нow to add music to Аpple Мusic

To start, you need to run the application on your gadget. Then we go to the section «Playlists». Carefully review the information. We hold our finger on the smart playlist with all the musical compositions from the media library to expand the menu of additional actions. When the menu is expanded on the screen, you can go to download music. To do this, click «Download».

Apple Music blocks the playback of Explicit-rated content. Find the «Allowed Content» section and the «Music», «Podcasts» item. We select it and activate music and podcasts rated Explicit. Now there are practically no restrictions on adding.

The added tracks are moderated, so you will have to wait a little while you add. How much time it will take moderators in each individual case is difficult to say. As a rule, it takes from a few minutes to several days. Much depends on the volume of added music content.

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If there is a need to transfer music to be added to your music collection on Apple Music, then it will be wise to use specialized services with which you can transfer your own media stack from one streaming music service to another.

The easiest way to do this is with the MusConv application, which within a very short period of time will be able to fulfill all the tasks set for transferring music content between streaming music services. Efficient robot algorithms, simple and understandable interface, ease of use make this platform a convenient assistant when transferring music, in particular, to Apple Music.

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