How to add music to my playlist on iРhone?

If you want to manage your own music on your iPhone. If you want to collect only your favorite songs and save them separately for listening, then we will talk about how to do it easily and quickly.

You can easily collect only your favorite selections from songs and music stored on your iPhone, create new favorite playlists and enjoy them as much as you like. For music lovers, there are three ways to create, edit and remove playlists with songs and music on the iPhone.

Нow to add music to my playlist on iРhone

Method one. Start the «Music» app from the «Home» screen iPhone and click «Playlists» in the menu below. Then swipe down the screen and click the «New Playlist» that appears. Finally, enter the name of the new playlist and click «Save». Open the playlist you created and select «+» to the right of the song you want to add to the new playlist from «Playlists», «Songs», «Artists», «Albums». Then click «Finish» to add it to the new playlist. Finally, go back to the playlist and see if there are any songs in it.

If you want to add songs to the playlist directly by artist’s albums, select the «Artist and Album» tabs, select the artist’s album you want to add, and swipe down to display it. You can add songs right away by clicking «Add all songs».

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Method second. Start the iTunes, locate and expand File in the upper left corner, create «New» in the «Playlist», and click «OK». Enter the name of your favorite playlist on the screen that appears, and then click «Finish» in the lower right corner. You can add songs by clicking the «Edit Playlist» button, selecting the songs displayed on the left, and dragging them to the playlist. You can also right-click the song you want to add to the new playlist, click «Add to Playlist», select the playlist you like, and add it.

Method three. Once the iPhone is connected, click iPhone on the tabs at the top to open the device control screen. When the device management screen is displayed, click «Musi»c on the tab at the top. Check «Sync Music» and check «Selected Playlists», «Artists», «Albums», and «Genres». Select the playlist you created, and then click «Apply».

Removing a song from the playlist is very easy. Select the song you want to delete and press the «Delete» key.

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