How to add music to Spotify

Spotify is a music service for streaming audio content. This Swedish development is very popular with fans of high-quality and unique music. Users are provided with a convenient working format and non-mandatory subscription conditions. In order not to lose the music collections already selected in other streaming services, you should transfer the saved content to Spotify.

So, for easy transfer of tracks, you will need a computer. It must have your streaming service application installed or must be authorized through your computer browser.

Нow to add music to Spotify

Next, you will need to log in to the browser in the service from which you want to transfer tracks. Now you will be asked to choose the platform where you will copy the playlist. Here you will need to log in to Spotify.

But here it is worth considering that you just create a playlist in your account. The tracks are not marked as favorite, that is, the cool recommendations that Spotify is famous for will not be based on these songs. Each of them will have to manually like.

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To transfer music playlists, you can use special services that will greatly simplify the task of adding music to Spotifai if it is added from another streaming service.

MusConv is one of the few specialized desktop services that can help with this. Working with him is extremely easy. Dating begins by logging in to your account. Then you need to find a loose streaming service on the side panel, from which the playlist or musical composition is transferred, and just click. Enter the login and password from the account in this service, click «Log In», then submit permissions by clicking on the «Allow» button. For a few seconds, the program will scan your playlists in another service, finally show them. Then you need to select the playlist and click on the «Transfer» button. The list will unfold, you choose the streaming service Spotify – and after a while your tracks will appear there.

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