How to add your own music to Apple Music

One of the leading world services of stream transfer of music Music Apple is multipurpose. It allows not only to listen to stream music, to create own playlists, to share them with friends, to download music, but gives an opportunity to add any track, having created for him the cover and having chosen the corresponding name.

For loading it is possible to use files in MP3 format and to use a cover in the form of the image. Duration of a track can be any. Always it is possible to change the name of a song and the performer in settings. Further it is necessary to click with a mouse on record, to pass into the section «Properties» and to specify correct data. It is better to carry out addition of a cover in the online mode.

Нow to add your own music to Аpple Мusic

So, it is necessary to carry out loading of a certain musical track and to add in advance created image. Then in settings it is necessary to click on the Create the Song point then to maintain it. Settings have to be saved that it is better to recheck, having opened record in several players. Record loading directly in the application will become the last step. For this purpose it is necessary to pass into any list of reproduction, to click on his name and to select the «Load a Track» item.

Within 5-10 minutes the record will be available to reproduction both on service, and in the browser. Therefore it is necessary to wait a little bit until the system processes the loaded audiofile.

If the user loads the music into Music Apple for the purpose of her promotion and further earnings, then he should take care of conclusion of agreement with service under the terms of which royalty will be paid to the author.

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 Music Apple will pay a certain quantity of a royalty for one stream. To gain one thousand dollars of income from use of own music by service, it will be required to several thousand listenings.

Hardly someone will be able to give exact number, a lot of things depend on total number of listenings on service, his net income for a certain period and percent from profit which founders decided to pay to performers.

But it is possible to use Music Apple together with other services of stream transfer of music. For example, the Swedish Spotify is considered the leader of the mirvy market of stream transfer of music today. He has more than 350 million users, a half of whom issued a paid subscription. If to use at the same time both specified stream service, then it considerably will increase income from placement by them own musical compositions.

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