How To Build A Fanbase On SoundCloud

A unique feature of the German music streaming service SoundCloud is its integration with the functionality of the social network. Users can not only share listened or posted music content, but also rate songs, music, artists, create groups and accumulate subscribers.

In principle, SoundCloud has a lot in common with the social network. Apart from the music itself, one of the most important aspects of this platform is its community. If you manage to interact intelligently with the rest of the users, you can drastically increase your fan base and expand your network.

It all starts with a response to the slightest comment that someone writes to one of your headlines. This is definitely one of the best ways to get people to come back to your profile and become more attached to your music project. Why? Because it shows that you care about your community and that you are involved.

A simple “thank you” is enough, but be careful not to repeat yourself too often in your answers. Stay relevant and personalize your messages.

A general rule

As a general rule, consider SoundСloud primarily as just another social network. This means that you have to listen to other artists and interact with users. Also consider joining active bands that match your musical style.

Follow other artists and users. Just like on Twitter or Instagram, you can set up a follow-up strategy to get more plays and followers.

The principle is to follow users who follow musicians who are famous in your musical style. Usually 10% to 30% of them follow you back.

From there, you can start a conversation with them (for example, about an artist you both like), only to ask after a few messages if they listen to your music. Then there is a much better chance that they will accept your creativity if you show goodwill and create a link.

Like any other social network, a comment space can quickly become a space for self-promotion. But just not for you. Comment on headlines with value (objective and thoughtful critique, support, etc.) rather than desperately trying to promote yourself.

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The goal is to help your fellow musicians make better music and praise the performers when they deserve it. This is how you get their attention.

Don’t buy subscribers or listeners. The thing is, if users go to your page and see that you have a huge number of subscribers in just a few listens to each song, they will suspect something. No one wants to deal with a social media scammer. This is unprofessional and we prefer to communicate with someone who has ten followers and is sincere than an account with tens of thousands of fake followers.

Of course, the temptation is great to take the short cut, but it’s always better to create a real, cohesive and engaged community on your own.

One way to quickly gain an audience and subscribers is to directly approach influencers and music blogs in your musical style. Of course, there are a lot of them, but this does not mean that it is a cakewalk.

Sometimes just one article or repost is enough to create the momentum needed to get an artist off the ground. As with other social networks, it takes time to build your fan base on the platform, so don’t get discouraged and take it step by step.

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