How To Buy A Spotify Subscription?

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify has dramatically influenced the music world, which today is largely based on streaming music. Green giant has paid and free versions. The free version is permanent but has many limitations and forces the user to listen to ads frequently. But the paid version can provide access to all the functionality of the music streaming service. So, how can you get the premium version of Spotify?

Many people still prefer cash payments. While there is no cash payment option on the Spotify website, it is possible to purchase access to the service without having a payment card. The Spotify prepaid card is available in landline and online stores. After purchasing this product, you must activate the product code in your profile.

Cards are divided into two categories – cash top-ups and subscriptions. Cash top-ups will allow the customer to top up their account with a certain amount and decide for themselves which type of subscription to buy. Subscription cards include, for example, a code for 3 months of an individual subscription to Spotify Premium, which cannot be changed after activation. Both types of cards are a good way to give a gift or use a service without paying with a card.

Future Spotify subscribers may be concerned that the app won’t work on their smartphone or computer. For now, we want to allay the fears of all such people, because Spotify is available on a very large number of devices.

If you have any doubts about whether your device is suitable for using Spotify, then it is better to start communicating with this mega-popular music streaming service with its free version that you can use all the time. Of course, the free version has many restrictions and constant intrusive ads that can annoy the user. But in this case, you will have a complete understanding of the compatibility of your device and the Swedish music streaming service.

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Using the browser version of Spotify comes with some difficulties. Firstly, this option can be much more resource intensive and slow down our device. For devices that do not support map minimization, you will not be able to listen to background music. We recommend using the Spotify app if available. This is a much more convenient solution, created with this device in mind.

You can opt out of Spotify Premium at any time. Canceling a subscription plan does not mean that you will lose access to the service, only it will not be renewed at the end of the billing period. With prepaid cards, you don’t even need to cancel your subscription as it doesn’t auto-renew.

After the subscription period of Spotify Premium expires, the service will revert to Spotify Free. This means that the customer will lose access to all Premium options and will only get it if they return to pay via Spotify. You can also opt out of purchasing Premium and get a refund if you haven’t started using the paid version yet. I would also like to remind you that all paid Spotify subscribers receive one month of free trial.

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