How To Buy A Track In Beatport

Beatport DJ includes basic music mixing functions and a convenient track search in the service library. The web application is also suitable for those who are just trying their hand at DJing – the user does not need to buy third-party programs and equipment.

When the user opens the app, they see basic hints: how to load two tracks to mix, where the crossfader is, how to add a playlist.

You can also transfer playlists from Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services to and from Beatport DJ using the Tune My Music platform.

Charts can be called a big plus for Beatport. Somewhere from 2015 to 2019, the position in the charts showed the coolness of the artist, all the musicians fought for the lines in them. Now it’s not so relevant anymore, but it’s always nice to see yourself in the chart.

If you want to purchase a track on this service, then you should know a certain sequence of actions:

  1. Create a Beatport account if you don’t have one.
  2. Find the music you need by searching on the main page or explore the “DJ Charts”, “New Releases” and “Selected Charts” sections there. You can buy a single song, album or all tracks from the chart. Important: without subscribing, you will only be able to listen to the middle of the two-minute track before purchasing.
  3. Click on the cost of the release, and it will automatically go to the basket.
  4. Before paying, you can choose the format in which the track will be downloaded. Three options are available: MP3, WAV and AIFF.
  5. After payment, the track will be added to the library of your account, from where it can be downloaded to your device.

For a DJ, Beatport is first and foremost a great tool for finding and buying electronic music for sets and mixes in wav and aiff format. There is a huge amount of mix-friendly music on both official and DJ charts. But such a platform has a downside: many DJs now play the same tracks, and Beatport has largely unified the genres of electronic music.

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The charts are a great opportunity for aspiring musicians to get to know top labels, find out their contacts and send them their music. The most interesting, of course, lies outside the charts: with the right approach, you can find rare and unique music on Beatport, but the service as a whole is not very organized for this.

The main DJ stores operate on a similar principle: they all have charts, a showcase with releases, and a section with new products. Historically, Beatport has been the go-to venue for DJs. Many artists are attracted to the service’s design, the easy way to buy tracks, and the exclusivity of many releases before they are released on other platforms. Artists also like the advanced recommendation system organized to rare music.

You can make money on Beatport by first promoting the release at your place or with other DJs in sets. The target audience of such stores is very narrow: they are practicing DJs or music enthusiasts who collect sets for themselves. The rest will stream on other platforms.

Purchasing a track from Beatport means that the artist can use it unlimitedly and completely at their discretion. For many DJs, this becomes a great opportunity to create their own media library for their work.

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