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How To Buy Spotify Premium?

Streaming music service Spotify is experiencing its finest hour today. This platform is considered the leader of the music business and dominates the global music market with over 450 million users in many countries.

The service has a paid and permanent free version. The free version, like the vast majority of Spotify’s competitors, has significant limitations. We will not list them completely, we will only say that using the paid version will open access to the entire rich set of functions of the Swedish music streaming service.

But how much will you have to pay for it? Spotify has several tariff plans.

Registered users should be aware that there are several types of Spotify Premium Subscription. Let’s take a quick look at the available options:

  1. Individual. The classic version of Spotify Premium, which is suitable for most users. The cost of such an account per month is $ 9.99, which is taken after a free month of trial. In the future, you can connect the service for a year or another period convenient for you.
  2. For two. Many couples living under the same roof try to make Premium Spotify for two people. This method has the advantage of a lower cost of only $12.49 per month. In addition, subscribers can create a playlist with music that both like.
  3. For the family. Many people are looking to get Spotify Premium for family use. Once connected, all family members get access to additional features for only $14.99. The option is valid for users who live under the same roof. First, the head of the family connects to Spotify Premium, and then other members connect to him.
  4. For students. A common question from university students is how to upgrade to Spotify Premium at the most affordable price. To solve the problem, the student tariff is suitable, which costs only $ 4.99 per month. To receive it, you will have to confirm the fact of studying with the help of a special service. The minimum tenure is one year and the maximum is four years.

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At the final stage, it remains to decide how to get a Premium subscription to Spotify. After selecting the appropriate package, do the following:

  1. Click the Subscribe button.
  2. Sign in to your profile, if not already done.
  3. Enter your credit or debit card details. Alternatively, the package can be paid via PayPal or other payment services. The list of available services is constantly expanding.
  4. If you select the credit card option, enter the card number, expiration date, year, and then enter the security code.
  5. Click the Subscribe to Spotify Premium button.

After checking the data, the system connects the user, and after the free period expires, it withdraws a certain amount, taking into account the tariff plan.

Purchasing Spotify Premium is the way to get high quality audio, downloads and other premium features. Buying a subscription does not take much time, and the price is not too expensive. The advantage is that the first month you can use the features of Spotify Premium for free.

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