How To Cancel Auto-Renewal Spotify Subscription?

Have you been using Spotify for a long time, but are not satisfied with the fact that you have to pay for streaming music? It’s a very natural reaction from the average user of the Swedish music streaming service who wants to save money, given that Spotify has a free version.

How to turn off

How to turn off auto-renewal of Spotify subscription if you no longer want to pay to listen to music? You can roll back to the free version in a few seconds. It’s simple enough.

Many users of the Swedish streaming platform are on a paid Premium plan, which eliminates ads and allows you to listen to songs offline. If you have a question about how to turn off the auto-renewal of your Spotify subscription – for one reason or another – there is no need to hesitate and hesitate.

Note that you can cancel the auto-renewal of the premium plan at any time, it is not necessary to wait for a certain date. So you can save a lot on a subscription.

To cancel the auto-renewal of a paid Spotify subscription, you need to follow a few steps

  1. Open the web version of the service and click on the avatar at the top right.
  2. From the menu that appears, select the Account section.
  3. Or log in to the desktop application and do the same – you will be automatically redirected to the page in the browser.
  4. On the left panel, select the Account tab.
  5. Scroll the page to the My plan block.
  6. To disable Spotify subscription renewal, click on the Change button.
  7. Scroll down the screen and find the Free version icon.
  8. Click the Cancel Premium button.

To cancel your Spotify subscription renewal, you must then confirm that you want to complete the disconnect operation.

Cancel your Spotify subscription renewal

After the process is completed, you can return to the account page – in the My plan section, the transition period to the free version will be displayed. You will enjoy paid premium features until the specified date. The date is calculated easily: the last paid month must end.

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  1. Make sure that the date appears on the screen – this is a guarantee of a future transition to free use and the termination of auto-renewal. If there is no date, repeat the steps above again.
  2. But this method does not always work. The point is that in this case, the key point will be where and how you made out a paid subscription to Spotify.
  3. If you signed up for a premium profile with a mobile operator or received a gift on a third-party service, then to cancel it, you need to contact the company where you acquired the premium status.
  4. In order to turn off the auto-renewal of your Spotify subscription, use any available method to keep your balance and stop paying for music.

To cancel your Spotify Premium subscription through your Apple ID, follow these steps:

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on your name and Apple ID at the top of the main Settings page.
  3. On the Apple ID page, tap on “Subscriptions”.
  4. In the list of subscriptions, find and select Spotify.
  5. Then, choose “Cancel Subscription” on the Spotify page.

Here’s the expanded version:

Canceling your Spotify Premium subscription through your Apple ID is a straightforward process that can be done directly on your iPhone or iPad. Begin by navigating to the “Settings” app, which is typically located on your device’s home screen. Once you’ve entered the Settings menu, locate and tap on your name, followed by your Apple ID at the top of the page. This will lead you to your Apple ID settings.

Within your Apple ID settings, scroll down until you find the “Subscriptions” option. Tap on it to access a list of all the subscriptions associated with your Apple ID. Among these subscriptions, you should see Spotify listed if you’ve subscribed to Spotify Premium through the Apple App Store.

Select the Spotify subscription from the list. This action will take you to the Spotify subscription page, where you’ll find various options related to your subscription. Look for the “Cancel Subscription” button or link, and tap on it to initiate the cancellation process.

Upon selecting “Cancel Subscription,” you may be asked to confirm your decision. Follow any on-screen prompts to complete the cancellation process. Once canceled, your Spotify Premium subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing period, after which you’ll revert to the free version of Spotify.

It’s important to note that canceling your subscription through your Apple ID means you won’t be billed for Spotify Premium in the future, and your access to premium features will cease once the current billing period ends.

You’ll probably have to lose a few dollars

You can try to return the funds spent on the subscription if the month you previously paid for is not over. But the administration of the streaming service will most likely refuse you. Therefore, you will have to give up hope of returning a few dollars, and instead you will be kindly given the opportunity to fully use the paid Spotify account before the paid period expires.

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