How To Cancel Spotify Premium In 2022?

If you’re using the world’s most popular music streaming service, Spotify, you’re unlikely to leave it. It is a near-perfect streaming platform, used by more than 450 million music lovers around the world today. For reference, the music library of the service is huge and consists of more than 80 million songs, musical compositions and podcasts.

But it’s a different matter if you want to cancel a paid subscription to a streaming service. By the way, Spotify has two tariff plans – paid and free. The free version can be used permanently.

For those who signed up for Spotify’s premium plan but can take full advantage of the free plan, this time around, there will be a tough choice to make.

If you cancel the paid Spotify Premium plan, you will automatically switch to the Spotify Free plan.

It is worth thinking carefully before making this decision, because a premium subscription has its undeniable advantages.

In addition to random playback, you can listen to your favorite music in any order.

  • No pass limit.
  • No ads when playing.
  • You can listen to better sound quality.
  • You can download and save songs and play them offline.

With Premium, you can listen to music by specifying it in detail, and there are no ads, so you can enjoy music without stress. In addition, it comes with a function to download and save songs to a smartphone and an offline playback function, so you can listen to music without worrying about the connection volume even if you do not have a Wi-Fi environment. Also, only premium can play high-quality sound. If you want to stick with audio quality, we encourage you to continue.

After you cancel Spotify Premium, you will be automatically upgraded to the Spotify Free plan. Your account will not be deleted. Even if you uninstall the Spotify app, Spotify Premium will not be canceled and a subscription fee will apply.

After canceling the Spotify Premium Student Discount Plan, you cannot sign up for the Student Discount Plan using another account for 12 months.

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You cannot cancel your subscription in the Spotify app on your smartphone, so even if you have registered and made an in-app purchase, you must always complete the cancellation process on the official Spotify website on your smartphone or computer.

  1. Log in to Spotify first. Search Spotify to visit the official website. When the top page screen opens, tap on the three lines in the top right corner.
  2. Select Sign in.
  3. Go to the Spotify login page, enter the required account information, and click Login.
  4. After logging in, you will be taken to the Spotify web player screen. Select the gear icon in the top right corner of the page.
  5. When you get to the settings page, select View account.
  6. Since there is an item on the account page for the plan you are currently subscribed to, select the “Change plan” button on the screen.
  7. Click the Cancel Premium button in the “Spotify Free” section.
  8. After that, there are several pages, such as the introduction of different Spotify plans, but at the bottom of each page, there is a Continue cancellation procedure button, so if you select it every time, the cancellation procedure will be completed.
  9. Confirm your choice.

So, you have abandoned the premium subscription to Spotify, but automatically switched to the free version of the streaming service. But you can start using the paid version again at any time.

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