How To Cancel Spotify Premium?

Changing your Spotify subscription isn’t too difficult. To do this, the subscriber needs to log into his account and go down to the “My plan” section. Going to this section, select the “Change plan” item. Next, the user needs to find the “Free version” item on the page that opens, if he wants to unsubscribe from the premium subscription altogether. Following the prompts, you should wait for confirmation to cancel your subscription to this version. If the decision on a paid subscription is changed, the service will not require any explanation of the reasons from the account owner. You can also fully refund the funds spent on the purchase, but this is only possible during the validity period of the free trial version. If the subscriber has not canceled the paid subscription during this period, then its cost will be automatically debited from his account.

By subscribing to Spotifu Premium, the user gets along with it some pretty serious advantages. He will be able to download music, creating playlists, which he will later listen to offline. In addition, he has access to the highest quality of playable songs – 320 kbps, the ability to “jump” over several tracks, not to get nervous because of the ad blocks, which the free version of the application is rich in.

If the user wants to change the Premium subscription option, then in the “My plan” section, select the appropriate item and then follow the prompts. If the paid period for using the streaming service has not yet expired, but a transition to another version of the Premium tariff plan is taking place, then the funds remaining on the subscriber’s account will be automatically credited for the future period. Therefore, when you change your Spotify subscription, all funds are preserved.

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Spotify periodically runs various promotions, so it is important to stay tuned to the news and take advantage of the service’s lucrative offers. If the subscriber decides to participate in the promotion (for example, several months of free use), then you will also need to change the settings in the account, as described above, following the instructions and prompts. The subscription does not change automatically.

Do not forget that the service is paid monthly in advance for the next period, so it is advisable to make all changes to your Spotify subscription in advance.

If a user suddenly does not like the popular Swedish music streaming service Spotify, then he can say goodbye to it without any problems by deleting his account with all user data. Or, for example, you just want to register a new account, but at the same time it is better to delete the old one.

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