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How To Change The Default Music Player On iPhone And iPad To Spotify

In a rhythm-shifting move, Apple’s iOS for iPhone and iPadOS for iPad have unveiled a groundbreaking feature in their developer beta and public beta versions. This fresh offering allows users to tinker with the default audio player, letting them tune into their favorite beats with apps other than the native Apple Music.

Apple’s playbook has long included the strategy of empowering users to opt for third-party alternatives for browsers and email clients. Now, as the world’s most valuable company charts new sonic territories, they’re orchestrating a harmonious symphony for music aficionados.

When it comes to transforming your auditory experience, follow these notes to finesse your default music app on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Ensure that your device is serenading you with iOS.
  2. Summon Siri with a voice command to play music or choose a specific song, album, or artist.
  3. Watch as Siri’s virtual curtain rises, asking you where you’d prefer the music to resonate from. A comprehensive lineup appears on your screen.
  4. Play the leading role by selecting any of your installed audio apps from the ensemble, including Spotify.
  5. Revel in your chosen app as it delivers your preferred harmonies. Every subsequent request will naturally groove to the beat of that app.

A Musical Note of Caution

While Apple’s rendition of a customizable audio experience is commendable, there are a few lingering harmonies that require tuning. Here are some key considerations:

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Once you’ve set the stage with your preferred music player, a return to the default player’s role isn’t currently. The option to reshuffle the cast isn’t part of the parameters, and Siri won’t accept cues for a “default” player change. So, be sure to specify the app of your choice if you plan to switch your musical allegiances in the future.

It’s worth noting that Apple still has some refining to do in the wings. Occasionally, the spotlight veers back to Apple Music, even if you’ve chosen another leading act. It’s a work in progress, but as every maestro knows, a little fine-tuning goes a long way.

It’s worth noting that while the option to select your preferred music maestro might not appear immediately, a momentary pause can help you set the stage:

If you find yourself bereft of the spotlight, try orchestrating a reboot by powering down and then up again. After this curtain call, summon Siri anew, and the melodious option should unfurl before you, ready for its encore.

So, as Apple inches closer to tuning your musical experience, these steps and considerations ensure you’re prepared to conduct your symphony with flair. Enrich your audio journey, and let the sounds of your desired app take center stage, delivering a musical tapestry woven with your distinct preferences.

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