How To Choose DJ Controller In 2022

In the past, you needed analog records and CDs, which took a lot of practice to become a disc jockey. Now it’s easier to be a DJ using a PC, smartphone, and DJ controller. Pioneer, Numark, Roland and other brands offer DJ controllers with many features. Which one suits you?

The job of a DJ is not only to select the music to play. The DJ should be able to set the time and adjust the speed (tempo) of the music being played. In addition, the DJ has to adjust the volume of the song and also turn down the volume to move on to the next song.

There are various composing tools that a DJ must control. Thus, it is difficult to control the exact time if you only rely on a computer or smartphone, which is why you need a DJ controller.

The DJ controller is a tool that will make it easier for DJs to connect songs more intuitively and work more efficiently. As a result, you can achieve a better DJ performance.

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The type of controller you choose will change depending on the atmosphere and the place you use it. In addition to a professional DJ, the club has a DJ controller that is perfect for small parties visiting friends.

  1. Pay attention to the portability of the DJ controller. There is a compact and full-fledged DJ controller. Determine the product according to your budget and the features you need. In addition, the DJ controller can be modularly combined with other controllers to make it easier for you to perform live. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a portable and lightweight DJ controller. There are many things you should bring with you for an outdoor DJ. In addition to the DJ controller, you will need a computer, an AC adapter, and a USB cable. With a compact DJ controller, you can perform anywhere.
  2. Choose the controller that suits your DJ experience. If you are a DJ, choose the professional version of the DJ controller, which is well suited for club performances. Different genres are played in the club and there are different products for each of these genres. We recommend that you select a DJ controller that is compatible with the software you have and the genre of music you are playing. On the other hand, some people may want to practice at home with a computer and DJ controller. Buy inexpensive products ahead of time to use in your studies. Little by little you can add other modules for live performances.
  3. Pay attention to playback features such as effects and LEDs. There are many DJ controllers on the market that not only arrange music, but also add effects to songs. If the effect function is put to good use, you may feel like you are playing a new song. Thus, the audience or colleagues who witnessed your performance will have more fun. We can say that this effect function is a feature of the DJ controller.
  4. Check compatibility with DJ software and applications. The most important thing to keep in mind when buying a DJ controller is its compatibility with DJ software applications. You need to determine in advance the software that will be used. However, now almost all software supports all DJ controllers. If you have installed the DJ software, please check the equipment specification list carefully before purchasing. If it is not compatible with the software you are using, the DJ controller may not turn on properly or even malfunction.

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