How To Choose DJ Software?

Some people still think that a DJ is always behind a pair of turntables with records and a mixer. For a long time, it was. DJs had to carry vinyl cases to gigs and spend hours in record stores to select material.

Later, a variety of CDJ-devices appeared, and cases with vinyl gave way to cases for CDs and flash drives. And this format was replaced by laptops. DJ software allows you to mix and play music in the same way as a DJ would do with vinyl, but more convenient and faster.

First of all, let’s recall what the meaning of DJ software is. The idea is simple: the program emulates two players (they are also decking) and a mixer for mixing tracks from these decks. Another component of DJ software is a library of imported music. The program will quickly determine the tempo and key of the tracks.

Thanks to the software, the manual component of the work is automated. It becomes much easier to create a set, but not everyone likes it. If you bring everything together in terms of tonality and tempo on your own, the DJ’s skill will gradually grow. And with the advent of software, it turned out that DJing became available to everyone, and study became an optional matter.

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Another subject for dissatisfaction is tactile sensations, which, of course, software cannot provide. And your own feelings are very important for DJs.

What you need to choose the right program for DJing:

  1. Price. We recommend that you immediately include in the price not only the distribution kit itself, but also the controller. Pay attention to those controllers that already have a license in the kit. The light version of the program is quite suitable for the first time.
  2. Functions. This is a bit difficult to decide at first, which is why it is so useful to download trial versions and buy DJ controllers with an enclosed distribution. After you go through your first steps in the program, decide on the basic functions. Do you need an interface with detailed waveform display? What effects will you use on sets? How many decks do you need, how many tracks will play at the same time? More doesn’t mean better. The more functions you have at hand, the longer you will deal with the program, and the less convenient the interface will be. A separate and very important moment for a DJ: pay attention to how the internal music library is organized in the program.
  3. Stability. Free programs usually play on this field. It is worth reading the reviews of regular users and see how often patches and updates are released.
  4. Compatibility. First, don’t forget to check the software for compatibility with the controller you have or want to buy. The devices that you were going to buy in the future should also work with the selected software. Please note if the program requires an exclusive device, without which it will not work (for example, Rekordbox, which only works with Pioneer DJ equipment). Secondly, pay attention to how the DJ software works with other studio programs.

Layout and appearance. The program should be comfortable: an interface where a set can be prepared with a single mouse and keyboard, the layout of the decks is familiar to you. And, oddly enough, appearance is important – and the more time you spend with the program, the more important it is.

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