How To Choose The DJ App?

Today it is much easier to start your career as a DJ than just a few years ago. To help beginners, there are many programs and devices that really help to start in this interesting and difficult musical field.

There are many applications on the market with the ability to connect DJ controllers for DJs at the moment, all of which can be tried for free. Moreover, each of them has a functionality that will be useful in one way or another during a performance.

Some of the proposed platforms offer more functionality than others, so it is highly recommended before using, and even more so when buying, download a demo version of the product and test it for usability.

As a guideline:

  1. the application must be intuitive;
  2. have convenient access to the functionality that is important to you, especially if you are going to perform.

So, let’s take a look at a few software options for beginner DJs and those who want to improve their DJing skills.

  • Rekordbox 6.0 (Free, Core, Creative). This is a product of Pioneer DJ, which in this version received several subscription options, among which there is a free one. The updated version of the app for DJs decided to move away from the old licensing model and replaced it with subscription levels. At its most expensive level, Rekordbox has the ability to sync your music library across multiple devices at the same time, while the free “Free” version offers the bare minimum for workouts and standard DJ sets. Great for both beginners and professionals. Subscriptions that you may not like, however, provide the flexibility and availability of hi-end functionality, albeit for a limited time, but at a fairly affordable price (the most expensive “Creative” subscription costs only $14.99 / month).
  • Serato DJ Lite is the beginner’s edition, which is great for learning due to its intuitiveness and simplicity. The program has a so-called practice mode (Practice Mode), with which you can work even without equipment. An almost perfect way to understand at a basic level what’s what in DJing. In addition to the basic functionality that will allow you to engage in “DJing without frills”, Serato DJ Lite allows you to mix tracks located on the TIDAL and SoundCloud platforms. Serato DJ Pro is an advanced version for the most demanding. This program can be redeemed for $129 or subscribed for $9.99 per month. Serato DJ Pro has official support for more than 90 devices, which ensures maximum integration of hardware and software components. Without a doubt a product for professionals who value reliability.

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  • YOU.DJ. At first, the concept of YOU.DJ seems strange or even innovative, but once you open it in your browser, everything immediately falls into place. All you have to do is log in to and start mixing your favorite songs. The site has a ton of songs preloaded and you can search for titles in SoundCloud and YouTube libraries. You can also search by genre and organize tracks into playlists. A cloud DJ application may well surprise you with its functionality. At a basic level, YOU.DJ. You can only DJ with a mouse and keyboard. Connecting to DJ controllers is only possible by upgrading to “Superstar DJ”, which costs $39.90.

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