How To Choose The Right Free Music Streaming Service?

There are hundreds of music streaming services in the world today. Some of them have reached a global scale and are on the list of leaders in the global music industry, while others are content with regional or local recognition, functioning only within one region or country.

It should be said that no music streaming service is completely free. You can only talk about the free version of a particular streaming application. And this version can be a trial period without payment or a permanent free version, where you can use this streaming music service unlimitedly, albeit with some restrictions.

Some stimming services do not have a free version a priori. A prime example of such an application is Apple Music. Each new user is given a free trial period of three months. If you participate in the promotion that this service periodically holds for new subscribers, you can get a much longer period of free use of five or even six months.

Many free music apps do not support full-length playback, which allows you to listen to songs from beginning to end. In addition, most services that can enjoy full-length playback with free music apps cannot hide ads. Set your own priorities and choose an app based on whether you prefer full playback or no ads.

You can enjoy the songs of your favorite artists by playing playlists and recommended songs, but you can’t play your favorite songs at any time.

If you want to listen to your favorite songs with the highest fidelity, choose an application that supports song search playback.

The most common and popular today can be considered the Swedish music streaming service Spotify. It has almost 460 million users worldwide, and only 190 million have a paid subscription. The rest of the users use the free version, which is valid on this streaming service on an ongoing basis.

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If you choose the free version, then either Spotify or YouTube Music will be the best choice. These are the two most popular music streaming services, the free versions of which are quite functional and popular.

You can use the free version if you do not classify yourself as an audiophile who cares a lot about sound quality. Let’s say right away that you should not count on high quality sound with the free version of any of the music streaming services at the moment.

The free version also limits the user’s ability to skip songs, as well as the ability to download songs for offline playback. Thus, the free version can only be used if there is an internet connection. If you are traveling, flying on a plane or underground in the subway, then you will not be able to listen to streaming music in the free version of any music streaming service.

If you want the most functional free version of the music streaming service, then in this case, choose Spotify or YouTube Music.

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