How To Choose The Right Streaming Service?

While just a few years ago most music lovers would go around with their music player on which they downloaded all their favorite songs, today the way we listen to music has changed a lot thanks to music streaming services. All you need is a subscription and an internet connection to access a limitless catalog of music tracks.

The number of these services continues to grow, and finding the one that’s right for you can be tricky. The main elements on which the various proposals differ are:

• Catalog: evaluate both its breadth and the type of music featured (some platforms are more focused on certain genres).

• Subscription: Some services offer free plans (with ads and other restrictions), most have paid plans that vary in price depending on the number of accounts and the level of audio quality.

• Platforms and Devices: Make sure the device you are going to use (be it a smartphone or a HiFi system) is compatible with the service.

• Sound quality: for the more casual listener, lossy formats (MP3, AAC, OGG) are more than enough, but if you’re a music lover, it’s better to choose solutions that allow you to listen to lossless tracks (FLAC, ALAC, MQA) in high resolution.

Music quality is the main consideration when choosing a music streaming service, so we need to understand which streaming platform offers the best quality. But you need to understand that the quality of music can only play an important role if the user can play it on high quality equipment. If we are talking about an ordinary smartphone, then the issue of music quality will no longer be paramount.

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The second most important parameter is the price of the streaming service. Today, the average monthly cost among the world’s leading music streaming services is $9.99. If you are a student, then when you confirm your student status with the help of documents, you will be able to enjoy a fifty percent discount on platform services.

One way to save money is to subscribe to a family plan. As a rule, subscription terms involve the creation of from one to six offline accounts. At the same time, it is important that all their owners live at the same address, that is, under the same roof. In this case, there is a significant savings on the cost of the subscription.

And the choice of a music streaming service can be influenced by a promotion held for new users in a particular country in the world. This could be a long trial period, such as six months. By participating in such a promotion, the user will become a subscriber on favorable terms.

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