How To Control The Number Of Times A Track Has Been Played On Spotify?

Spotify is one of the world’s leading music streaming services, along with names like Deezer and Apple Music. There are millions of songs available on the platform. They range from hits from famous artists with the Billboard 100 hit to songs by indie artists in niche genres. The popularity of the service is based on its huge media library, an effective algorithm for music recommendations, and a flexible tariff policy.

There are several different ways to check how many songs are playing on Spotify. Fortunately, they are simple and shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. The first option is to open the Spotify app or access the web version. Enter the name of the artist you are looking for and go directly to their page. Once you get there, you’ll see their top 10 most watched tracks from at least the last month. Right through the titles of these songs, you can see how many pieces they have. This is an easier method as the exact number of threads is immediately visible.

Plus, if you’re trying to find a song that isn’t among the top rated artists, it’s doable too, albeit with a few extra steps. Unlike the Top 10 Songs, views are not shown immediately on the song page. So what do you need to do to see the number of streams for other songs?

First, find the album the song is a part of and then click on it. Once you access it, you will see the entire tracklist. When you find the song you want, hover your mouse over the little lines on the right side of the screen (which represent the song’s Ā«ratingĀ») to see the numbers you are looking for. The lines are in the same place as the stream numbers for the most popular songs.

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If you are an artist/musician who has songs on Spotify and you want to check the statistics of your songs, go to your Spotify for Artists profile. From there, you will be able to see how many times your songs have been streamed and you will have access to some additional information. These include where in the world it has been directed most or least. Also, how many and which playlists the songs are in, and so on. Plus, if you’ve added a song to your library, it’ll be easier for you to access the numbers. You don’t need to search for the song in the app. Remember, all of these tips are for the web or desktop version of Spotify, as the same features are not available on mobile versions. Therefore, to be on the safe side, your best bet would be to find what you need on your PC or laptop.

If you’d like to make the same option available on mobile Spotify, head over to the Spotify community site and leave your vote. The Spotify developers have shown a willingness to listen to their users, so this idea can be realized with enough support and every voice counts.

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