How To Copy A Playlist On Spotify

In the dynamic world of music streaming, users often find themselves in situations where they wish to tweak their playlists to suit their preferences better. Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon a Spotify playlist curated by someone else, but there’s that one song missing or an extra tune that just doesn’t vibe with your taste. While directly modifying someone else’s playlist is a no-go unless it’s collaborative, there’s a nifty workaround – copying the playlist and tailoring it to your liking. Here’s your comprehensive guide on how to make a copy of any playlist on Spotify.

To embark on this playlist-copying journey, the steps slightly vary depending on whether you’re using Spotify on your desktop or mobile device. Let’s delve into the intricacies of each method.

How to Copy a Playlist on Spotify (Desktop):

If you’re a fan of managing your music library on the big screen of your desktop, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Desired Playlist: Launch the Spotify desktop app and find the playlist you wish to duplicate.
  2. Select All Songs: Click on any song within the playlist, then hit Ctrl + A (for Windows) or Command + A (for Mac) to highlight all the songs.
  3. Create a Fresh Copy: Right-click on any of the highlighted songs, hover your cursor over “Add to playlist,” and select “Create playlist” from the extended menu. You’ve successfully crafted a fresh copy of the playlist. Don’t forget to rename it for clarity’s sake.

How to Copy a Playlist on Spotify (Android and iOS):

Prefer managing your tunes on the go? Here’s how to replicate a playlist using the Spotify mobile app:

  1. Locate the Playlist: Open the Spotify app on your Android or iOS device and head to the playlist you want to duplicate.
  2. Initiate Copying: Tap on the ellipsis icon (⠇) located beneath the playlist title, then select “Add to other playlist.”
  3. Create a Duplicate: On the ensuing page, tap on the “New Playlist” button at the top. This action will generate a duplicate of the playlist, ready for your customization.

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The Significance of Playlist Duplication

Copying playlists isn’t merely a convenience; it’s a lifesaver in various scenarios. Imagine transitioning to a Spotify Family plan, necessitating a switch to a different account. Your new account might lack the meticulously crafted playlists and beloved Liked songs from your previous one. For by making your old playlists public and copying them to your new account, you seamlessly carry your musical world forward.

In essence, the ability to copy playlists empowers users to maintain their musical identity across different Spotify accounts and platforms. It ensures that your curated collections and beloved tunes stay with you, regardless of transitions or changes in circumstances.

Simplifying Your Musical Transitions

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