How To Create A Deezer Account?

Dizer is a French music streaming service that is one of the top ten global music industry leaders. The service has its advantages and disadvantages, like any of the nearly thousand streaming services that operate around the world today. Most music lovers only know no more than ten.

The initial idea of ​​the service, which at the very beginning of its journey was called Blogmusik, was that users could listen to streaming music in high quality. But, since the creators did not have any contracts, they were forced to close the service in order to immediately open a new one, already known as Deezer.

It is a web interface where you can listen to music online, as individual tracks and artists, as well as a huge selection of online radio. Connecting subscriptions significantly expands the functionality and gives access to the mobile application, which will be discussed below.

What is this program and is it needed in principle? Deezer is the same streaming music service that allows you to listen to songs from different labels. Supports a large number of devices, as well as multiple playback modes. Now in the library you can find more than 43 million tracks, and it is also possible to connect to 30,000 radio stations.

The service has 10 times fewer users than Spotify. Nevertheless, even these several tens of millions of people are a huge result, which still competes with such services. In addition, more than half of them use paid content.

Back in 2006, no one knew what kind of Deezer program it was, and whether music lovers needed it at all. After all, at that moment another service was already launched – Spotify. This year, Daniel Mareli is developing the first version of Deezer. True, at that moment the project was called Blogmusik.

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The developer envisioned that the service would distribute music via streaming. After its launch, there was a problem with copyright. The site had to be closed in April 2007, but a couple of months later it was launched under a new name.

The interface of the music streaming app is quite simple. There is a main page that displays collections of popular songs, as well as playlists compiled by users, as well as the FLOW service. This function selects music based on the songs that the user has marked as liked.

In order to use the program, you need to register or log in with your Google or Facebook account.

At the first stage, the user selects the genres and songs he likes. According to a special algorithm, a selection of interesting tracks is formed. After that, you will have to choose from the proposed artists.

As for the prevalence, initially the French streaming service developed rapidly and at the end of 2021 was legally presented in a little more than fifty countries, including Russia, the USA, Canada, Indonesia and many other countries. It is estimated that Deezer will take about five percent of the global market, but this figure is still far from the current state of affairs.

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