How to Create a Spotify Playlist in a Bottle to Open in 2024

The world is chasing innovative technologies and trends every day, and music streaming service Spotify is no exception. Recently, Spotify introduced a new entertainment function called Playlist in a Bottle, a time capsule that keeps your favorite songs for one year. The purpose of this feature is to give you a sense of nostalgia and compare how your music preferences have changed in a year.

How to Create a Spotify Playlist in a Bottle to Open in 2024

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How to Create a Spotify Playlist In a Bottle to Open in 2024?

First, you must have an account on the Spotify platform, as this function is only available to registered users. Then you need to follow a few simple steps:

1.       Please update your Spotify app to the latest version, as this function is a recent update and is not available in the previous version of the platform;

2.       In your mobile app, go to the “Playlist In look like (you can see the available options in the image below); a Bottle” tab;

3.       Choose how your music time capsule

4.       Answer a few questions that will help you choose the songs, for example, a song that reminds you of your beloved one, a song that will become the summer anthem, a song that you think will become incredibly popular in 2023, and other interesting questions;

  • you need to choose at least 3 songs, and then the app’s artificial intelligence will select the music that matches your preferences,
  • “preserve” your virtual jar or close the lid of the box,
  • a year after the time capsule is created, i.e. in 2024, you will receive a notification that it is time to open your bottle and remember the songs you liked last year.

Currently, the feature is available for both users of the free version of Spotify and paid subscription holders of all operating systems. If you don’t see the Playlist In a Bottle tab after updating the mobile version of the Spotify app, it’s likely that it’s not available in your country, as it’s only available in 27 countries for now.

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