How To Delete A Playlist On Spotify

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify offers its users a huge range of options. Among them is the ability to jointly create playlists. But sometimes you begin to realize that you are simply confused and lost in this huge music library. It is necessary to find the right path and thin out this dense forest a little.

The question of how to delete a playlist from Spotify can be answered simply select the appropriate playlist, click the icon with three dots, select the option to edit playlist and delete.
Below are instructions for deleting one song, downloaded files, and even an entire playlist. The presence of such information allows you to quickly adjust tracks and leave only those that you really like.
The application’s capabilities allow you to delete a song from Spotify on any device.


The easiest way is to remove a track from a Spotify playlist using a computer or laptop through an application or browser. 

To complete the job, do the following:
1. Navigate to your playlist – from the sidebar, home screen, or using search.
2. Click on the three dots next to the composition you want to remove.
3. Click on Remove from this playlist.
4. Make sure the file is delisted.

On a smartphone

The next option is to delete music from Spotify using your mobile phone.

In this case, take these steps:
1. Log in to Spotify on your mobile device and log in if you haven’t already done so.
2. Navigate to the playlist you want to clean.
3. Find the three dot symbol next to the song you plan to remove.

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How to Clear Spotify from an Album/Playlist

We discussed above how to clear your favorite tracks in Spotify one at a time, but to speed up the process, you can delete the entire album/playlist at once. Let us immediately note that Spotify does not provide an option for group deletion of songs. Previously, the computer version had a function that allowed you to click on an arbitrary song, and then press Ctrl+A and click Delete. The downside is that this option is no longer used.
Alternatively, you can delete the album or playlist outright in Spotify. 

To do this, take the following steps:
1. Login to the application.
2. Go to the library.
3. Select Playlists/Album.
4. Point to the one you plan to remove.
5. Click on the three dots and select the desired item.

In the case of iOS, almost the same algorithm applies. The difference is that instead of three dots, the Edit options appear. After this, all that remains is to click on the red minus symbol on the left side and thereby remove the data. If the composition is in several albums, it is deleted only in one, and remains in the others.


Knowing how to delete a song in Spotify, you can clean up your playlist and thereby leave only your favorite tracks. At the same time, remember that you won’t be able to clear a group of songs in one “pack,” but getting rid of a album or playlist right away is quite possible.

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