How To Delete Your Spotify Account?

If you have been an active user of the Swedish music streaming service Spotify and have suddenly decided to stop using it, you will need to delete your account on this platform.

If you are a user of the free version of this streaming service, then deleting your account will not be a matter of principle for you. But if you use a premium subscription, then it must be removed, if only for the reason that you will not have to pay for using a paid account.

In Spotify, deleting an account has two parts.

  1. You will need to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription first if you are using it. To do this, log into your account on the streaming service and click “Profile”. Next, open “Subscription” and try to change or cancel it. Next, the system will send you to a page where your tariff plan is displayed. You can cancel your premium subscription by going to your settings.
  2. Now the second part of the procedure. So, after canceling a premium subscription, you automatically become a free user. If you were not a paid user, then this item will be the first and only one for you. You are also logged into your account and go to your profile. You will now be shown various prompts related to what you can do with your account. Here you have to click on “I want to permanently close my account” which you have in the third place and this will take you directly to the options to close it. You decide to “Close your account”. Follow the instructions and you will be able to complete the final closure and deletion of your account.

Deleting your account should not be delayed indefinitely if you are a premium user. When subscribing, you must have linked your bank card. If you do not cancel the paid subscription in time, the funds will continue to be debited from your bank card every month. In addition to direct financial losses in the form of fees for unclaimed services, you run the risk of spending credit funds, sometimes without knowing it yourself. Of course, there is information from the bank. But you never know, you can just skip it. And in this case, you will receive serious penalties from the banking structure for late repayment of the loan.

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When you delete your account, all of your music collections, playlists, and listening history will also be deleted.

If you choose to recover your Spotify account, this is also possible. Along with the restoration, your music collections and playlists, for the creation of which you spent a lot of time and effort, will also be restored.

If you have a student subscription to a Swedish music streaming service, you will need to verify your student status when you restore. It should be noted that it can only be used for the four years during which you are expected to be a student at a higher education institution. In addition, you must be under 25 years of age when you renew your subscription. These are the rules of the streaming platform.

In general, deleting your account on the Swedish music streaming service Spotify is not too difficult. To do this, you just need to strictly follow the step-by-step instructions. And then everything will turn out just fine.

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