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How To Do The Apple Music Trick?

Apple Music stands as a formidable contender. With its expansive library and seamless integration into the iOS ecosystem, it has won the hearts of millions. But are you truly harnessing the full potential of this melodious powerhouse? Here are exclusive tips and tricks that will redefine your Apple Music experience.

  1. Edit the ‘For You’ Section. The ‘For You’ feature holds the promise of musical discovery. If its recommendations have been missing the mark, fret not. A simple tweak awaits. Within the For You tab, locate your profile icon in the upper right corner and tap. Behold the ‘Find More Artists and Curators’ tab – your gateway to selecting artists and genres tailored to your taste.
  2. Love and Dislike – Your Music, Your Way. Enhance Apple Music’s understanding of your musical inclinations by employing the ‘Love’ and ‘Dislike’ tags. A mere tap on the three dots icon lets you communicate your preferences. These insights mold the fabric of your future recommendations, creating an auditory haven curated just for you.
  3. Custom Alarms – Wake Up to Your Soundtrack. Dissatisfied with stock alarm sounds? Elevate your mornings with melodies from Apple Music. Within the Clock app, navigate to alarms, select your desired alarm, and under ‘Sound,’ delve into your Apple Music library to handpick your wake-up anthem. A caveat: the chosen tune must be part of your music collection.
  4. Bringing Back the Stars. Yearning for the classic Star rating system? Your desire can be fulfilled. Journey through settings, embrace the music section, and summon the ‘Show Star Ratings’ option. A simple toggle and the nostalgia-inducing stars return to your musical landscape.
  5. Optimise Storage Space – A Symphony of Management. If your device incessantly reminds you of waning storage, Apple Music offers a lifeline. Navigate to settings, plunge into the music section, and activate ‘Optimise Storage.’ Set a minimum storage threshold, granting the app permission to expunge songs neglected in your recent listening escapades.

These refined strategies, when executed, reveal Apple Music’s intricate tapestry. Beyond the aforementioned quintet, an entire array of revelations beckons:

3D Touch for Menus

Unveil concealed options by firmly pressing on playlists or artists, unfurling a spectrum of quick actions ranging from lyrics to downloads.

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iCloud Music Library

With a paid subscription, access the iCloud Music Library, housing up to 100,000 tracks. This repository harmonizes your Apple Music and personal library across 10 devices, bestowing the best of both realms.

Built-in Equaliser

Discover 23 equalizer presets tailored to diverse genres. Elevate your auditory voyage with genre-specific enhancements and bass amplifications.

Using Siri – A Maestro’s Command

Embrace the seamless synergy between Apple Music and Siri on iOS devices. “Play my hip hop playlist,” “Play Biffy Clyro,” or delve deeper with requests like “Top songs from 1993.” Siri, your musical maestro, obeys your every command.

Unlock these nuances and Apple Music metamorphoses into a symphonic marvel catered to your unique harmonious sensibilities.

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