How To Download And Sell Beats On BeatStars

The actual process of uploading our work to the site is trivial, and we cannot imagine that this could cause any problems for anyone.

However, what you should pay attention to from the very beginning of our adventure with selling beats is the order in the folders. It seems to be an obvious matter, but watching the desktops in the computers of some beatmakers, you can really be surprised. So we recommend that you create a separate folder dedicated to the BeatStars platform and store all versions of our beat in one place – an mp3 file with a voice mark, a pure mp3- file, WAV file and rendered tracks compressed in ZIP format. Uploading files to the platform is really very easy.

We need to be aware that simply adding bits to the platform may not be enough to achieve immediate success. Adequate presentation (positioning) of our offer on the BeatStars website may take some time. Our profile ranking is positively affected by subsequent successful transactions or positive comments, but we can also buy ads right away to reach as many beats as possible. However, first we suggest trying other free ways to popularize our nickname among BeatStars users.

You need to place a widget on your site that will make it easier for potential customers to listen to your beats. In addition, when an artist purchases a particular production, it will automatically be sent to them. Thanks to this, you do not have to send the beat manually, and the performer will receive it immediately after purchase.

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As a beatmaker, you have access to many music-related forums and groups. You can promote your products on them, share website links, collect emails for a newsletter, give advice to other producers, etc. It’s an easy way to promote your products and generate traffic to your website or fan page.

The hip-hop community and music platforms have their own forums where artists and producers can ask questions related to selling beats. In addition, well-known and respected music producers often participate in such forums. You can ask them for feedback, advice, or ask about the methods and equipment they recommend for making good beats. Most people like free stuff, so if you want to legally get someone’s email address, you can return it, for example, in the form of free beats or tips. This will help beatmakers build credibility and attract the attention of artists who want to see if they can write something for your beat before buying.

In addition, this is a chance to appear in the online music community. Strong position and popularity guarantee higher sales. Keep an eye on national and international music forums for information on upcoming producer competitions.

There are different options for selling beats on the Internet – including those made by beginners. Currently, every manufacturer has a chance to earn money by selling their products. And we should not forget that there is fierce competition in this segment of the music market.

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