How to download liked music from SoundCloud?

With the help of the popular music streaming service, you can SoundCloud listen to any songs from around the world. On this service, you can create your own playlists, communicate with friends and other music lovers from all over the world, since the service combines the functions of streaming music and a social network. But it is not always convenient to listen to music only online, so you need to download your favorite songs to your computer or phone. Not all resources have such an opportunity, but there are still options for solving the problem.

First, the future user is registered. He enters all the necessary data on the registration page, selects the option of a paid or free subscription and confirms the correctness of the information entered by pressing the corresponding button.

how to download music from soundcloud

An email will be sent to the registered email address to confirm your registration.

To find the desired composition, just fit its name in the line «Search» in the top panel of the page. The site will give out all available options, and to choose the one you want, just click on its name. Then the page with the song will open. You can click the Download button and the composition will be saved to your device.

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If you want to use the downloaded track to overlay the video, for example, in YouTube, you must indicate that the track is downloaded for further commercial use. You can, without any fear, use or listen to tracks that have a Creative Commons license (free in commercial use). If the author decides to change it after you have already poured the video, this still does not deprive you of the rights to use it in the video. You can also use copyrighted music if you have received permission from the creator to do so. Also, it will keep your channel from striking and possible problems.

For free users, there is a limit for downloading tracks of 10 thousand tracks. If this limit is not enough, then the user can sign up for a paid subscription to the service, which will remove all limits on downloading tracks and listening to them offline.

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