How to download music from the Spotify app

Even 15 years ago, not everyone in our society had the opportunity to listen to music anywhere and at any time. However, the world does not stand still. In our era of constant technological development, almost every day new applications and resources are created that help us enjoy our favorite tracks at home, at work, in transport, and even during a morning jog.

How to download music from Spotify

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However, it is important to choose high-quality music services that meet all your requirements.  One of the most comfortable services is Spotify. This incredible app offers its customers to listen to their favorite tracks for free and absolutely legally as well as numerous capabilities that every user will definitely appreciate.

We don’t always have access to the internet, and this makes us need to listen to music offline. And how to download music from the Spotify app? –  you might ask. Do not worry, it’s quite easy. You just need to follow the simple instructions:

  1. on mobile devices:
  2. first, open the appropriate app and choose the point of menu “Your Library” tab, which you can find in the lower-right corner of the interface;
  3. then tap playlists and select the one with your favorite songs you want to download;
  4. you will see the “Download” switch which turns green when the playlists are successfully downloading;
  5. after you have completed all the above steps, open “Your Library” and choose the tracks you want to listen to offline.
  6. on desktop:
  7. open the app on your desktop and select the playlists you want to download in the  special “PLAYLISTS” tab;
  8. then the “Download” switch will appear on your screen. Tap it.

And that’s all! Downloading songs from Spotify is easy enough, isn’t it?

Please, note: if you want to download music from Spotify and listen to your playlists offline, you have to subscribe to Spotify Premium and be sure you are connected to Wi-Fi.

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