How To Download Music From Tidal For Free?

Megapopular music streaming service Tidal is a subscription music streaming service that offers high quality sound, highly defined music videos and expertly curated editorial content.

Tidal offers two levels of service: Tidal Premium and Tidal Hi-Fi. Tidal Premium gives you access to over 70 million tracks and over 250 000 music videos, while Tidal Hi-Fi offers CD-quality lossy audio for an additional fee.

One of Tidal’s main strengths is its commitment to offering high quality audio. Tidal uses its own lossy audio format, FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) to stream music, which provides higher quality audio than MP3 or other compressed audio formats. Tidal also offers a wide range of exclusive content.

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The Tidal Internet platform is available in more than fifty countries, a product that allows you to subscribe to streaming video, podcasts, music. The content on offer features high-quality lossless audio and exclusive high-definition videos, but the price is right.

When you decide to subscribe, you will get unlimited access to the most stylish music content, you will be able to download the songs you need, get acquainted with important information related to music, create playlists and save selected materials about the concerts of your favorite artists and be the first to learn news from the life of show business stars.

The Tidal platform offers a free trial for the first month from the moment of registration, and then you have to pay for using the permanent program. First, Tidal does not provide a free subscription, so in order to listen to quality content, you will have to pay. Thus, an account with lossless music will cost listeners about $20, while a regular account costs about $10.

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In addition, the high quality of tracks requires uninterrupted high-speed Internet, which not all mobile operators can provide. In order to connect the music service, you will have to resort to a little trick, since access to the library is not open to all countries. Do you want to register? Use the VPN service and access the site through one of the European countries. And only after that you will be able to register on Tidal.

Please note: the developers have provided a multilingual interface, so you can always install English if, for example, you do not speak German or Italian.

So, you can use for free and, accordingly, download songs on the Tidal music streaming service only during the period of free use of this service. But if the first free month has not yet expired, you can cancel your subscription and not pay a cent for the month of using Tidal. And so you can later create a new account and again get one month of free use of this popular and effective music streaming service, and then unsubscribe and again pay nothing.

Theoretically, this can be done indefinitely. Of course, the question of morality in this case, as you understand, fades into the background.

We strongly do not recommend using a hacked version of the streaming service, because uninvited guests – dangerous computer viruses – can settle in your gadget with it.

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