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How to download music from YouTube for free?

YouTube is filled with the most popular music and recently released singles. If you have a lot of enthusiasm, then you can strain a little and look for the most modern songs that are available on this streaming service.

But to be able to listen and watch videos, you must be connected to the Internet. To save time and money, you can download music and transfer it to a portable music player, it is also the best way to cope with an unstable internet connection. Thus, thanks to offline entertainment, listening to popular music has become easy and convenient. Of course, downloading music files with YouTube is not easy, especially from the playlist. You will need special apps and programs to be able to download music from YouTube.

  1. One of the many reasons why YouTube is so popular is that users can create playlists and video boxes. And you might want to download these playlists from the YouTube and then play them offline. You can also save the playlist and then transfer it to a mobile device or portable media player without an Internet connection. Downloading each video one at a time is time-consuming. Getting the entire playlist at once will save you time and effort.
  2. The first option to download playlists with YouTube is the online Video Grabber tool. The application is completely free. To use Video Grabber, all you need to do is copy and paste the video URL into the appropriate field and click «Capture».
  3. Select the format, right-click, and click «Save As».
  4. Do the same thing with other videos until you get everything you’re looking for. It can be a little difficult because you will have to upload each song separately. Unfortunately, the application does not have a feature that allows you to download entire playlists at a time.
  5. Next in the list of downloaders for playlists YouTube is Video Download Capture. You need to download and install this program, but unlike the first option, you can use it to download entire playlists at once.

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Playlists are usually grouped by topic or category. This is the most effective way to track videos you’re interested in. If you have a playlist on the YouTube, you no longer need to look for videos every time you need them.

YouTube is the perfect place to find hot music videos. After you find a playlist with music on the YouTube, you may be interested in how you can transfer them to your music player. The easiest solution is to download them and convert them into MP3 using special programs that can be easily found on the Internet.

What is MusConv?

MusConv is an online service that provides a simple and convenient way to transfer music playlists between different streaming platforms. With it, users can easily move their favorite music between services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and others, while maintaining the structure of playlists and avoiding the need to create them again.

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