How To Download Tidal On Android?

With the Tidal app, users will be able to access one of the world’s best music streaming services. They offer a huge library of music tracks, as well as the highest sound quality of music in FLAC format (up to 1 411 kbps).

To download Tidal on Android, there are minimum operating system requirements – Android 5.0. Earlier versions will not be able to download this application. You can download the application on Google Play. Since the service still officially works in only 55 countries, it is quite possible that you will have to use any VPN service if the service does not officially work in the country of the new user. Initially, it’s best to go to the official website of the music streaming service and check in which countries it officially operates. You need to use it only once during the registration of a new user account.

You will also need to link a bank card of the international payment system Visa or MasterCard, you can specify a wallet for electronic money payments. Despite the fact that the service is not officially allowed in many countries, it does not «swear» when entering the data of bank cards issued in them. Bank details must be entered accurately and carefully.

Dealing with the functionality of Tidal is very simple, since the developers have taken care of an intuitive interface that is easy to interact with.

The download is fast and safe. The main thing is that the download is carried out from the official website of the streaming service. The first month (30 days) you can use the streaming service for free, and there will be no restrictions either on the quality, or on the amount of music played, or on access to the entire list of options.

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When the free version expires, you will need to subscribe to a paid Tidal subscription. There are two options:

• Premium

• HiFi.

Each of the options has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s better to turn off auto-renewal of a subscription. If the user for some reason cannot pay for using the service, the required amount will still be charged from his bank card. If the card is a credit card, then the funds can be borrowed. In some cases, users can forget about it and the bank will present its claims to them and charge penalties. That is, you will have to pay an order of magnitude more for using the service.

Music lovers recommend using high-quality playback equipment when listening to tracks on Tidal, since it is this equipment that will truly appreciate all the advantages of the dense and clear sound of this unique streaming service.

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