How To Download Tidal On iOS?

The popular Tidal app will give you access to a music library of over 40 million tracks. The main feature of this streaming service is the high sound quality of the songs played, so it is ideal for devices with high fidelity sound reproduction, which undoubtedly belong to all Apple gadgets. Music is played at a bitrate of 1411 Kbps, which is the quality of a good CD.

Music streaming service Tidal is available for installation onto IOS 11.0 and up. Therefore, some owners of older versions of apple gadgets, unfortunately, will not be able to use the services of the popular music streaming service. For owners of Apple gadgets, the application became available in 2017, when the corresponding version of the operating system was released.

First, you just need to go to the App Store and find the Tidal app there. Since this popular streaming service is still officially available in only 40 countries, users in some countries will need to use a VPN and change their country / region in their Apple ID. A simple ID change (no VPN) may not work as the system automatically detects the user’s location. You will have to do this only once during the registration of an individual account of a new user. Selecting an English speaking country is recommended. If there are minor technical difficulties, then the solution can always be found on Google. Before installing, it is recommended to first familiarize yourself with the list of countries in which the service is legal.

After downloading, you will need to create a user account, read the Terms of Service and click «Agree» in the upper right corner.

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A free trial of the streaming service is available for 30 days, after which you’ll need to subscribe to Tidal. In the section where the payment method is indicated, you can enter a bank card or e-wallet number. The main thing is that the bank card belongs to one of the international payment systems – MasterCard or Visa, which will allow you to use it even if it is issued by a bank of a country that is not included in the official list of countries for working with Tidal.

When subscribing, it is better to immediately disable the option of its automatic renewal. This will save money in the event of a changed financial situation of the user, because the amount from the account will be debited automatically on a monthly basis.

Tidal has set an age rating of 12+, so you will need to verify that the user is older when registering for an account. When you subscribe, you can choose the Family Sharing option by creating up to 6 accounts at the same time.

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