How To Enable Data Saver In Spotify

Spotify has a feature to reduce mobile data consumption. Like many other internet-connected apps, Spotify for mobile requires Wi-Fi or mobile data to function properly. The price of a mobile data package for music streaming depends on your plan. If this is putting pressure on your pocket or if you need to save money, some tips can help.

If you are a real music lover and partly listen to streaming music, then the issue of saving mobile traffic is very important for you. Spotify has a mobile data reduction feature; learn how to activate and spend less 3G/4G.

The first thing you need to do is enable the “Save Data” feature. Next, take the following steps:

  1. Access the Spotify app settings on your mobile device;
  2. In the “Saving data” section, turn the toggle switch to the “on” position;
  3. This change permanently sets the music quality to low.

According to Spotify, only a handful of devices have data saving modes that help reduce overall internet consumption. If this is not the case with your mobile phone, check out other tips to help reduce your 3G/4G consumption.

Listen to Spotify music offline, this mode consumes almost no Internet traffic, so you can save a lot.

Whenever possible, download songs for offline listening and activate “Offline Mode”. For this:

  1. Access the Spotify app settings on your mobile device;
  2. In “Playback” find “Offline Mode”;
  3. Move the switch to the “on” position and listen to downloaded music only.

Use Wi-Fi connection whenever you can, use Wi-Fi connection instead of mobile data without it is not possible. This is especially true abroad in roaming and when opening the application.

If you are a premium user, you can download music for offline listening.

However, to do this, be sure to turn off the “Download over cellular network” option in the application. Then take a few simple steps:

  1. Go to Spotify settings;
  2. Find the Music Quality option;
  3. Disable the “Download over cellular” option.

Now songs will only download when connected to Wi-Fi.

Adjust the quality of the audio file, the lower the quality of the consumed audio content, the less Internet traffic it consumes. Check which option is selected for “Music Quality”. If you are not on a Wi-Fi network, avoid listening in Extreme Quality mode. Spotify may use more data than usual if you choose high quality.

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To save traffic, disable playlist autoplay. If you’re listening to a playlist without a Wi-Fi connection, turn off autoplay. To do this, do the following:

  1. Go to Spotify settings;
  2. In the “Playback” section, find “Without pauses”;
  3. Turn off the toggle switch and leave it off.

The application consumes your device’s internet bandwidth in order to be able to play music without interruption due to buffering.

Spotify settings

To reduce bandwidth consumption, close other applications using the Internet and listen to music offline (Premium users only). Don’t forget that the free version of the Swedish music streaming app doesn’t have this option. Use the web player in the Spotify app.

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