How to export a playlist to DJ Pro 2?

Djay Pro 2 has become a great tool for DJs. With this application, you can start a DJ career if you are new, and improve your skills if you have already managed to become a professional.

Djay Pro 2 has a stunning and efficient visual interface that both professionals and newcomers will appreciate equally for its ease of use and modern functionality. Harmonic Matc is an ideal example of effective application integration with the Mac platform and the functionality of the built-in iTunes interface. The application automatically registers the tonality of each reproduced composition and compares it with compositions in the same tonality from the iTunes library. The Djay Pro 2 composes high stability and unparalleled performance for a powerful, reliable DJ solution.

How to export a playlist to DJ Pro 2

But you can use the application for DJ by the method of importablists, because it does not generate and does not look for music on its own. Therefore, often DJs have a question about how to export a playlist, for example, from a music streaming service to this application?

You can use specialized third-party services to export playlists. Today on the Internet you can find many similar solutions. But not all of them will be able to ensure sufficient quality of the final result.

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A very good tool for exporting a playlist will be a specialized MusConv platform, with which you can complete the task quickly and easily. The service has free and paid versions. In total, it supports 50+ platforms. The free version has some restrictions, in particular on traffic. But in the paid version, you can export playlists unlimited, as well as, for example, convert streaming music to other formats or download playlists from open sources online.

You cannot create a playlist directly on DJ Pro 2. You can only export playlists from other sources for this program. For example, you can create a playlist on Apple Music or Spotify and then export it to DJ Pro 2. While the free version offers everything a beginner DJ needs to get started, experienced users need more professional features and content. By making a simple purchase in the app through the App Store, all features will become available instantly. The subscription has no obligations, so users of this service can cancel it at any time.

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