How to export Roon to XLS file?

Roon’s Export feature copies files from your Core to other locations, and “tags’ the files as they appear in Roon.

Common reasons for using Export include:

  1. Copying files so you can take them with you, such as to your laptop for a vacation
  2. To make a copy of your library tagged with Roon metadata
  3. To export a spreadsheet for cataloging your library
  4. Export to a CSV to import into MusConv

How To Export Files

You can export from nearly every screen in Roon. Export albums, tracks, and more by clicking the context menu:

You can also export tracks the same way:

Finally, you can export multiple items at once by selecting them and choosing Export from the Selection Bar.

Folder Export

If you’re exporting local files, you can export the files themselves to a folder of your choice. This is great for taking music on the go when you’re away from Roon. If you’re exporting is a playlist, it’ll also create an M3U playlist file.

MusConv Export

MusConv is great for syncing playlists, favorites, or library content to TIDAL, Qobuz, or any other streaming service. The CSV generated here works great with MusConv and makes it easy to migrate your content to any other service!