How to find a free music streaming service?

Streaming applications provide real-time music listening. The played tracks do not overload the memory of the device, enabling you to enjoy playing millions of music tracks from the “cloud”.

how to find a free music streaming service?

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The only requirement for using these services is stable mobile internet or Wi-Fi access. However, you can download some compositions and whole albums for listening to them offline (with no mobile or Wi-Fi connection).

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that in most cases, you should pay for the use of streaming. Prices vary slightly depending on what the application offers, but the essence is similar. Nevertheless, how to find a free music streaming service? This is a question that is interesting for every music fan, and we will now explore it in a more detailed way.


The first service that comes to mind is SoundCloud, of course, because it’s completely free. Here, artists publish their own compositions to gather feedback and share new creations with his/her audience. That’s why the platform is entirely legal, and no one could accuse you of pirating even if you listen to the music without paying for a membership.

Unfortunately, not all artists are generous, that is why the music of Beyoncé or Taylor Swift is not available on SoundCloud, except for some DJ’s version.

SoundCloud works well both on PC and mobile devices, thanks to the official application with a pretty nice interface. Also, here you can create playlists and simply save your favorite tracks. You will get the opportunity to share, comment, and have fun, as on the usual music social network.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is pretty much similar to Google Music. The only difference is that you are able to watch video clips from YouTube’s multi-million video-sharing platform in a separate tab. The application is accessible both for iOS and Android smartphones, completely free of charge or with a paid membership.

With the free subscription on the service there are:

  • no possibility to play music in the background;
  • no tracks available for downloading to your smartphone for offline playing;
  • advertisements are inserted between songs;
  • there is no possibility to shuffle tracks in random order.

In general, YouTube Music is a complement to the basic YouTube service and it is a logical replacement for the closed Google Music app. The only drawback is that any song or video clip can disappear from the database at any moment in case of copyright infringement according to YouTube’s internal policy.


This is another legal music streaming service, and it also has a free version. Thus, without a subscription fee, the user can get access to the entire library of tracks, but with some restrictions:

  • low bitrate quality of 160 kbit/s for computers and 96 kbit/s for mobile devices;
  • voice advertisements are played between tracks;
  • not many playlists are available;
  • it is not possible to save tracks to your smartphone for offline listening;
  • the current song can be skipped no more than 6 times an hour.

Of course, after a paid subscription, all these restrictions are removed, and the bitrate for all devices becomes 320 kbps. However, if you’re satisfied with the quality offered in the free option, there’s no necessity to pay money.


This music streaming service was launched in Paris. It can stream music at maximum quality with a bitrate of 1411 kbps in the FLAC codec. However, you have to pay EUR 3.99 per month. For this price, the user will be free of advertising, will get the quality of the tracks at a bitrate of 320 kbps and could save the tracks on his device.

But since we’re focusing on the free use of streaming, Deezer offers this option as well. One of the drawbacks of the free version is the music quality will drop to 128 kbps only.

What else you can get with a free subscription:

  • more than 56 million songs in the library;
  • low traffic consumption;
  • integration with social networks Facebook, Twitter, and Last.FM;
  • the ability to shuffle tracks.

So, which service do you prefer? The question is complicated – as usual, there is no perfect choice. Everything depends on your goals and needs, and you have to make compromises in any case.

If you have different musical tastes, and you don’t need any “expert opinions”, YouTube Music can be an excellent choice. It has almost all the music you can think of, including rare covers, remixes, and compilations. If you have many devices, Deezer is the best option. Want something completely free? Then look at the SoundCloud application. But if you prefer to try something that’s more popular, try Spotify, and enjoy its properties.

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