How To Find Good Music?

A person who cannot imagine a single day of his life without music is always interested in the latest innovations in the music industry and tries to be on the crest of a wave. But not everyone and not always knows where you can find really good music. This question is relevant not only for music fans, but also, for example, for DJs, organizers of various shows, and so on.

Collections, recommendation services, communities of interest and other ways to find what you definitely like. It is impossible to listen to all the good music of the last decades, but selections of authoritative publications will tell you where to start.

Also try to use the following simple methods:

1. Explore tributes to your favorite artist and cover versions of their songs. Do you like the work of a popular musician? Find out who has covered his songs. Most likely, there will be something similar in style.

2. Get to know the other label subscribers of your favorite artist. Look up on Wikipedia the name of the label that recorded the music album that has sunk into your soul, and study the list of artists collaborating with this company. Most likely, there you can find a couple of dozen performers who do not differ much in genre.

3. Start paying attention to music in movies, TV shows, games, and even commercials. Perhaps a long-known track will play for you in a new way.

4. Visit cafes and bars. They often play good music. It will be especially useful not only to use Shazam, but also to ask employees on what basis they compose playlists.

5. Go to concerts. Live performances often open up artists from a new perspective. Also, concerts often begin with performances by support groups, in whose music you can also find something interesting.

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Options for those who know what to look for but don’t yet know how. With the help of these services, you can find almost any music that is on the Internet today. To do this, just go to the site of this service and enter the correct search query. So, we list some of these platforms:

1. Rate Your Music. Service with tens of thousands of custom playlists. You can start with a general chart with filters, and end with very specific playlists like Asian Underground or Gnawa Music.

2. Metacritic. A service that assigns two ratings to music releases, games, films and TV shows: Metascore and User Score. The first is calculated based on reviews from critics, the second is based on user ratings.

3. Bandcamp. A service with free access to music and a platform for promoting unknown musicians. On each artist’s page, you can find a list of similar artists. The service also runs the Bandcamp Daily blog, which publishes monthly collections of new music in various genres.

4. Soundcloud. Here you can find many exclusives: demo tracks, mixtapes and unique playlists. Just figure out what to put in the search, or trust the Discover tab.

5. Pandora. And this streaming service specializes in individual recommendations. Unfortunately, Pandora is not officially represented with us, but if you really want to, you can use our instructions.

6. YouTube. The music base of YouTube cannot be underestimated: many exclusives and rare recordings exist only here. On video hosting, you can find good playlists, and you can also use special services for listening to music from YouTube, such as Listen on Repeat.

Of course, there are many more effective ways to find good music on the Internet. But first, try one or more of the above, and you will see that the effect and ease of search will exceed any of the most optimistic expectations.

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