How To Fix Spotify Podcast Not Working In 2024

In today’s digital age, podcasts have become a cornerstone of entertainment and information dissemination, with Spotify emerging as a prominent platform for enthusiasts. However, recent technical glitches within the app have hindered the seamless playback of podcasts, leading to frustration among users. Here, we present expert solutions to tackle this issue effectively.

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Resolving Spotify podcast playback issues: expert solutions:

  1. Clearing Cache and Data. When encountering playback issues on the Spotify app, clearing cache and data can serve as an initial troubleshooting step. By eliminating corrupted files and resetting the app to its default settings, this action may resolve the podcast glitch, restoring normal playback functionality.
  2. Updating the Spotify App. Regular updates are essential for maintaining the optimal performance of the Spotify app. Ensuring that you have the latest version installed is imperative, as updates often include bug fixes and performance enhancements aimed at addressing issues like podcast playback interruptions.
  3. Verifying Network Connectivity. The stability of your internet connection directly impacts the uninterrupted streaming of Spotify podcasts. Whether using Wi-Fi or mobile data, it is crucial to ensure a strong and stable connection to prevent playback disruptions.
  4. Reinstalling the Spotify App. In cases where previous steps fail to rectify the issue, reinstalling the Spotify app may offer a viable solution. This process involves uninstalling the app and performing a fresh installation, effectively resolving any underlying software conflicts that may be causing the podcast glitch.
  5. Contacting Spotify Support. Should all attempts at troubleshooting prove ineffective, contacting Spotify’s customer support is recommended. Their knowledgeable support team can provide personalized assistance, guiding users through the resolution of the podcast playback issue with expertise and efficiency.


The recent surge in Spotify podcast playback issues has posed a significant challenge to users seeking uninterrupted audio content. However, armed with expert troubleshooting tips, listeners can effectively address and resolve these glitches, reclaiming the seamless podcast listening experience they cherish. By following the outlined procedures, users can once again indulge in their favorite podcasts on Spotify with confidence and ease.

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