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How To Get Free Apple Music In 2024

In the dynamic world of music streaming, Apple Music stands out for its premium content and seamless user experience. However, the $10.99 monthly subscription fee might leave some users contemplating more budget-friendly options. Fear not, as we delve into the strategies that savvy users employ to enjoy Apple Music without shelling out a dime.

  1. Extended Trials Through Device Purchase or Verizon Plan: One of the more prominent methods to unlock an extended free trial of Apple Music is by purchasing a new Apple device. This strategic move rewards users with an extended trial period, making the investment in the latest gadget even more enticing. Alternatively, subscribing to a Verizon phone plan is another avenue for users to tap into an extended free trial, aligning their musical indulgence with their communication needs.
  2. Direct Apple Trial or Shazam’s Three-Month Offer: Apple Music, recognizing the need to entice potential subscribers, provides a direct one-month free trial to anyone willing to explore its vast music library. However, for those who seek a more generous trial period, navigating through Shazam’s website becomes a game-changer. Shazam’s exclusive offer grants users an extended three-month trial, allowing ample time to immerse themselves in the Apple Music experience.
  3. Best Buy’s Free Trial Option: The retail giant, Best Buy, doesn’t just offer electronic devices; it also opens doors to the world of music without breaking the bank. Users can leverage Best Buy’s partnership with Apple Music to access a free trial, making it a strategic move for those seeking a seamless transition into the realm of premium music streaming.
  4. Verizon’s Strategic Partnership: Verizon, a telecommunications behemoth, extends its influence into the music streaming domain by offering Apple Music as part of its comprehensive phone plans. Subscribing to a Verizon plan not only ensures connectivity but also grants users a free pass into the world of Apple Music, eliminating the need for an additional subscription fee.
  5. Shazam’s Exclusive Offer: Shazam, renowned for its music identification prowess, plays a pivotal role in the pursuit of free Apple Music. By navigating through Shazam’s website, users can unlock an exclusive three-month trial, transforming the music discovery app into a gateway to an extended period of Apple Music indulgence.

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In conclusion, while the $10.99 monthly cost of Apple Music might seem steep, savvy users have uncovered diverse paths to enjoy the premium service without opening their wallets wide. Whether it’s leveraging device purchases, exploring Verizon plans, or tapping into exclusive offers from Shazam and Best Buy, these strategic moves empower music enthusiasts to harmonize their passion with fiscal responsibility.

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