How To Get In The Top 100 Beatport Fast

If you work in the music industry, then you are sure to be familiar with Beatport, the largest online music store. This platform has long been a trusted source of legitimate music content for DJs. All tracks that are sold in this online store have been licensed and after purchase by anyone can be used by him at his own discretion, including publicly.

It all looks something like this: a certain DJ, producer or music label decides that the best way to convey your music to the audience is to be in the Beatport TOP 100. And what else can serve as proof of your relevance and popularity, if not a place in the rankings.

Thus, there is already a desire, and it is huge, and if, of course, your track is still not in the TOP-100, then it remains to find a seller. And this is where the “sellers of props” come to the rescue. You pay for the selected service and get into one of the most independent music ratings, and even more, you are in the FIRST place of the Beatport TOP 100, and you are incredibly proud, because the releases of more famous and successful musicians and DJs are left behind.

But soon a terrible disappointment awaits you, because all the popularity was temporary, literally in three days your track will disappear from the lists forever, without even going down the popularity ladder, but will simply be deleted.

Of course, you can use another method of promoting your release and without resorting to these dubious services, you can do everything yourself. There are various options. For example, you can try to promote your track in the rating by yourself or with the help of your friends and relatives by buying it. But it will be quite a financially costly promotion, and besides, it will take a lot of time to get closer to the leading places. Yes, and the game will not cost the candle, because. all the costs of this event will never pay off.

So, according to the data for 2021, in order to get to more or less attractive places in the Top 100 in Trance style, you had to make about 100-200 purchases from the Bitport website.

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Everyone who uses Beatport knows how the release is actually progressing in the Top 100. Raising the release rating is a direct download of material from the Bitport service, moreover, from different countries and, accordingly, from different ip-addresses.

But as a rule, the more popular the style, the higher the bar for the number of downloads. Unfortunately, a huge number of services are now appearing on the Internet that provide dishonest promotion and promotion of certain musical materials and projects. But, fortunately, this method does not always work, and often people who have resorted to the services of these services lose not only money and time, but also their reputation.

The more users download your release (buy), the higher it will be in the top 100 Bitport positions, and the stronger you will secure your position in the Top.

What to do anyway, how to promote yourself and your creativity? It’s very simple, promote your product or music in an honest way. Namely – advertise, tell your friends, write posts, repost, buy and place banners on music sites, advertise your release in information and advertising publications and music magazines. And then you will definitely achieve a positive result.

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