How to get my music on Apple Music?

Apple Music is a music streaming service that offers listeners access to tens of millions of songs. The company has partnered with artists and labels for exclusive content, but there are some ways to get your own music on the platform. If you want to add tracks to Apple Music’s library, it’s best if they’re in the M4A or MP3 format and have a 256kbps bitrate.

Apple Music is a revolutionary way to find new music. In the past, we were limited to our favorite artists and radio stations, but now with Apple Music’s library of millions of songs, it’s easier than ever to discover new favorites. And because all you need is your phone or computer with internet access, you can have your music wherever you go!

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The process of getting your music onto the platform is surprisingly simple. Just go to the website and sign up for an account, which will allow you to upload a nigh unlimited number of songs. Then just create a playlist or add tracks from your computer

Here’s how: 

  • Open the app
  • Find music you want to add
  • Tap the Add button (+). 

As you can see, it’s quite easy. If you’re looking for more detailed instructions, they can be found here

Looking for more guidance or other options? It can be difficult to keep up with all the music streaming services out there, but you may find that you’re spending more time on one than another. Luckily, there are ways to transfer your audio tracks from one service to another without having to manually upload them again. We’ll show you how!

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