How to get Spotify if it is not available in your country?

While Spotify is one of the most well- known music listening service around, tragically, it’s not accessible in every part of the world. Mostly it is happening due to music licensing agreements.

The application will attempt to decide your area by means of the IP address you utilize each time you sign in, so on the off chance that your nation is not the part of the list, at that point, you’ll see the geo-blocking method in working state. In any case, on the off chance, if you still have a wish to get a hand on the playlist of your preferred band, the best way to overcome the limitation is to change the IP address of your gadget with the assistance of a VPN service.

An appropriate VPN service allows you to access anything from any part of the world and the best part is no one will know your location from where you are accessing data from the internet.

Now since we know that with the help of a VPN, we can have access to Spotify, even if it is not compatible with the country, what would be the best VPN that can help us to have access to Spotify?

You will find many VPNs, however, the one that is best suited for Spotify is Nord VPN.

Nord: Best-suited VPN for Spotify

For me, Nord VPN is the most reliable and effective VPN that can let you have access to Spotify when it is not compatible with your country. Its working is not just limited to Spotify but also to many websites, apps that can’t be accessed in your country.

To enable Spotify in your country with the help of this VPN, all you need to do is:

  1. Open the VPN
  2. Get yourself login
  3. Choose that server where Spotify is accessible

Once you do this, then wait for the connection to get established. Once it is established, then you can use the Spotify.

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