How To Get Spotify Premium For Free Forever

Spotify is a music service that offers music streaming through its own platform. Over the past few years, Spotify has amassed over 380 million monthly active users and over 155 million paying subscribers to its packages.

The internet is full of search queries on how and where to download a hacked version of this world’s most popular music streaming app. Paradoxically, it is the hacked premium version that is used by so many users who consider themselves sincere lovers of streaming music.

Basically Spotify offers many types of subscriptions:

• Premium for one user. Single User Premium is designed for one person and includes the following features: access to more than 70 million songs, access to podcasts and audiobooks, the ability to listen to your music even while abroad without commercial breaks. You can listen to music without an internet connection in the highest quality.

• Premium student. Premium Student is for individuals who are currently enrolled in an accredited college or university. Students receive a 50% discount. But when subscribing, you must confirm your student status. The subscription will have to be renewed annually, and the maximum duration of the student tariff is four years.

• Family Premium Spotify. Spotify Premium Family is for up to 6 people sharing. In this plan you can get up to 6 discounted premium accounts, Family Mix, a playlist based on the tastes of all plan members. There are also parental controls for explicit music for the younger members of your plan.

Can I get Spotify Premium without paying money? Generally speaking, it is possible.

First, open the Play Store or Apple Store and enter the following keyword in the application search bar: Spotify. After reviewing the app, make sure you have downloaded the correct APK. To avoid downloading other similar or fake Spotify apps.

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As for Android devices, the app is called Spotify: listen to music, podcasts and create playlists. For iOS devices, the app’s full name is Spotify: Music & Podcasts. Well, now after verifying the authenticity of the application, install it on your device by clicking the Install button. After installing the app, all you have to do is open it and log in with the account you created earlier.

Great if everything went well, now you can finally listen to all the songs you want, whenever you want and for free. You can get a free premium version all the time. But for this you will have to use a hacked version of this streaming application. This is illegal and carries certain risks. For example, when downloading and installing a hacked version of Spotify, you can very easily bring a virus to your device, which then downloads all your banking data and can empty your bank account. Of course, this is the worst option, but it is still desirable to insure. Therefore, it is better to first check any software installed on your device for viruses.

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