How To Get Started In DJing

How to become a DJ? Where to begin? What equipment to buy? What programs to use? These are the questions that someone who is just going to become a DJ asks himself. And answering them is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

A DJ is a person who searches, selects and mixes music. The DJ can both play sets “live” and create mixes. The main idea of ​​DJing is to find interesting music and broadcast it to the masses of music lovers.

Equipment you will need? The minimum DJ set in 2022 is a computer, controller and headphones:

  1. Laptop with USB input. One of the most difficult tasks is to find the right laptop at the lowest price. You can buy a used gadget. There is no point in overpaying. As soon as you start to succeed and start making money (or believe in yourself), sell this computer and buy yourself a new Macbook Pro. In the meantime, just choose a laptop with a USB input and check that Serato DJ Lite does not slow down on it. Do not listen to sellers who will assure that their laptop is the best invention of mankind. Just agree that you can test the program on their laptop and in case of “brakes” return the laptop back. In fact, you can even start with a phone or iPad, but learning on mobile applications will be too difficult.
  2. The DJ controller is a sound control tool. Using the controller, DJs control music playback, its volume, speed, and also add effects, samples and make smooth transitions from track to track. In simple terms, this is the thing with twists that connects to the computer. At the initial stage, professionals do not advise beginners to buy an expensive controller with a bunch of features that are mostly not used even by professional DJs. Don’t look at DJs who buy expensive controllers. Don’t even waste time reviewing expensive equipment because you don’t understand the nuances at all yet. Once you have enough experience, you will already make a choice in favor of CDs, vinyl records or more expensive controllers. The important thing is to start.
  3. Headphones. Again, you don’t have to buy the most expensive DJ headphones to get started. In fact, any plugs are enough. Headphones are used by DJs to control their actions and preview music, and not to enjoy its high quality (as many people think). You can use any headphones, for example, from the player or from the phone. You should not take headphones marked Extra Bass and similar, because they will constantly buzz in your ear and after a long listening session your head will start to hurt and your ears will get tired.
  4. Serato DJ Lite is the best program for beginning DJs. It is a fact. It has the cleanest interface with no frills and works great with controllers. It can be further upgraded to Serato DJ Pro, the best DJ software available today.

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Not least, Serato DJ Lite is pre-installed on some of the controller options most commonly purchased by beginner DJs. This program is quite suitable for both training and professional use in DJing. If you can fully master it, then in the future you can upgrade to the premium version of the Serato program, which gives subscribers access to the full range of functions of this application.

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