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How to Get the Spotify Student Discount If You Love Music 

Going to college is an expensive endeavor that requires one to be a meticulous planner and spender to avoid the tough financial times in which most students who are not working find themselves. However, several companies have recognized the costly nature of higher learning and offered students their products and services at affordable rates. One such corporation is Spotify.

Its Premium Student plan provides you with the opportunity to enjoy your favorite music at the cost of only $5 per month instead of the regular $9.99. However, you only begin paying after completing a one-month free trial. Perhaps you think this would be a great way for you to save money while navigating the often challenging college life. In that case, this post is an excellent resource for you as it provides a detailed analysis of the steps to follow to get the Spotify student discount and some of the things to know once you get it. 

Steps on how to get the Spotify student discount 

Before moving on to the steps required to sign up for this discount, you must establish whether or not you are eligible. While the promo is available to all students aged 18 years and above and currently pursuing their studies in accredited higher learning institutions in the country, Spotify will first request verification information, including your name, and your college or university student identification documents. Other details the company will ask you for are your email address, date of birth, and payment details. Therefore, you will not get a student discount on Spotify without being a student. 

Two options exist for verification: You could either submit documents proving your student status or sign up using your institution’s student portal. Spotify subcontracts the services of third-party companies like SheerID, Inc. to validate the information and documents you provide to confirm your eligibility for the promo. In most cases, the streaming platform will ask you to provide academic documents you may have received within the last three months. SheerID’s process of verification entails establishing whether the documents contain the following information:

1. Your full names.

2. Your institution’s name.

3. Issue date that falls within the stipulated three-month period. 

A wide range of documents exist to verify your student status. For instance, you could upload your official college or university admission letter, your registration or tuition fee receipt, and any other relevant document with the identified details. Following verification, you will receive a discounted monthly subscription for up to 1 year. Besides the first activation, you could utilize the promo three more times.

After verification, the following steps will enable you to sign up for your first discounted subscription:

1. Go to the Spotify Premium Student website portal.

2. Click on Get Started.

3. Provide required personal data and information. Ensure the details you provide reflect those on your school documents. Click Next to continue. 

4. Log in to your student portal to confirm your information or upload the required documents. 

5. Wait for verification and add your payment details.

Almost immediately, Spotify will notify you of the success of the verification process, after which you will receive an eligibility prompt. You can then proceed to get the Spotify student discount. However, if the verification is unsuccessful, the company will notify you via email. You can begin listening to your favorite tunes once the payment details are active. If you have academic writing assignments to do, but cannot wait to begin utilizing your Spotify premium student discount, CustomWritings is an online platform that could provide you with professional essay writing services, depending on your needs. 

Common questions you may have when you get the Spotify student discount 

1. What are the Benefits?

After signing up for the Spotify student discount, it is important to understand some of the benefits you will be getting as a result, to improve your music listening experience. The following are what you can expect:

a. Premium Spotify plan

A premium Spotify account provides you with a premium plan at almost half the price of a regular subscription. The advantage is that you will fully access Spotify’s extensive library of songs. You will also be privy to amazing exclusive content, such as live performances, celebrity interviews, and podcasts. Still, with this plan, you could not only discover new artists and content but also stay abreast with the latest trends in the entertainment industry. 

b. Advertisement-free listening

With the premium student plan, be ready to bid farewell to annoying advertisements and commercials that interfere with your listening experience. The promo allows you to enjoy ad-free, uninterrupted music streaming of your favorite songs and podcasts. 

c. Offline streaming 

Perhaps you would love to listen to some music but do not have the mobile data to facilitate your needs. In that case, worry not about this premium student plan, as you are covered. Specifically, the promo has a feature for downloading playlists and songs for offline listening. Thus, it will serve you well if you reside in areas of restricted connectivity or for long commutes and flights.

d. High-quality audio

If you get the student discount for Spotify Premium, you will enjoy high-definition, crystal-clear sound. You will hear every tone and detail of your favorite song. Thus, this plan guarantees you a breathtaking and rich listening experience.

e. Other bundles and extras

Other benefits may depend on current offers and promotions from the company. These extra perks include free supplementary subscriptions like Showtime or Hulu. Therefore, be on the lookout for such offers when signing up. 

2. What happens when I graduate?

As previously mentioned, you cannot get Spotify student discount without being a student. Since graduation strips you of this status, the company will immediately cancel your Spotify student discount. To enforce this policy and ensure only eligible individuals sign up for the promo, Spotify compels you to re-confirm your eligibility annually. During re-verification, you will again need to submit any supporting documents establishing your current status as a student. In the event you are unable to re-confirm your enrollment at an accredited institution, you will no longer be able to access this premium student plan. 

3. Is it possible to renew this plan?

Absolutely. About four weeks prior to the expiry of your subscription, the company will send you a reminder to renew it, complete with guidelines on how to go about the process. It is also possible to manually renew it through your account page. 

Parting shot

With the student discount for Spotify, academic life in college can transform into an interesting and fulfilling experience. The promo avails the entire world of music at your fingertips, allowing you to explore different genres and styles while discovering new songs and artists. For as long as you remain a student, Spotify has vowed to eradicate boredom from your life with its student premium plan.