How To Hide Your Activity From Friends In Spotify?

The Swedish music streaming service is not just very popular in the world. The platform has become both a launching pad for the careers of many singers and musicians, and a source of income for artists who receive royalties from the streaming service for users listening to their songs. Spotify also has some specific features. For example, it has some features that are typical for social networks.

On the Internet, private mode is a session that you start in which no information about what you are doing is stored while it is activated. Nothing you do during this time will be saved. In addition, history and cookies will be automatically deleted and sessions will be closed when you end the window in which you opened them. Spotify has something similar, as neither other users nor the service will know what you are doing during the session and it will not be saved.

According to the default settings of the service, all users who follow you on it will be able to see what you are listening to from the Friends Activity section. If for some reason you don’t want them to know about your activities or what you’re listening to, you can turn on a private session so you can enjoy your music to the fullest without worrying about others spying on you.

Keep in mind that if you restart the service or have a long period of inactivity, it will end automatically, so you’ll have to re-activate it if you’re interested.

If you want to do it from the desktop app because it’s more convenient for you or you tend to use it more often, it’s very easy. Sign in to the app and navigate to the triangle section at the top right of the app. Next, just activate a private session.

After activating private mode, you will see a padlock on your profile picture, which indicates that you already have the option activated and you view and listen to songs and music in private mode.

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When the service is restarted or after a long period of inactivity (approximately 6 hours), it will end automatically. If you want to keep it longer, you will have to repeat the steps. If you want to remove this option and listen to your favorite songs and podcasts without a private session, go back to the same site and uncheck the box. If you turn it off, the blue padlock will disappear.

Of course, remember that what you listen to in these types of sessions won’t affect your musical recommendations, as is the case with Weekly Discovery, something interesting also if you want to listen to something that someone else has recommended to you. or a style you don’t normally like so that it doesn’t affect you in some of the recommendations you would like to have.

Listening Sharing is a feature by which you will display your musical activities in the service. If you activate a private session, this option will be automatically deactivated, but you can also do this if you do not want to activate this type of session, but want to stop sharing your activity.

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