How To Increase Earnings Per Spotify Stream?

Popular Swedish music streaming service Spotify pays rights holders based on the level of their streaming of popular songs over a period of time.

It should be said that the size of the artist’s royalties largely depends on the country in which a particular track is being listened to. The higher the average cost of subscription and advertising on Spotify in a given country, the more royalties an artist will receive for listening to his track by users in that country. Listeners in the US pay, for example, $0.0035 per stream, while listeners in Italy pay $0.0019.

The Spotify algorithm prioritizes the most popular artists, more of their music is shared with new users, which means they earn more. Therefore, in order for artists to earn more money, they need more streams from multiple users.

Succeeding in the music industry has never been easy, let alone being honest, but with the democratization of media via the Internet, music streaming has changed some of the rules of the game.

After discovering the most popular Spotify playlists, you must have wondered if my song could make it to these lists? The truth is, yes, the possibility exists. Of course, you need to start with the most important thing, namely the preparation of a good song.

While there are now many streaming platforms besides Spotify such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube, the competition is on the rise.

If artists are in smaller playlists, they can become more visible, which opens up the possibility of scaling up to a larger, more famous playlist. Once an artist gets into a more prominent playlist, the likelihood of them getting more subscribers and more streams goes up.

Each artist should position their track as much as possible. It is necessary to write tags, make a colorful and detailed bright description, create a presentation and make a colorful track cover. Frankly, no one but the artist himself can do this. These actions are aimed at the most targeted advertising of the placed track among the target audience of music fans. Which will ultimately mean more revenue on the Swedish music streaming service with our music.

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If you think you can live music solely from your Spotify reproductions, I’m sorry to tell you that it won’t be easy, it won’t be easy. It makes the most sense to have multiple sources of income, as Spotify works more as a distribution medium than as a stable source of income.

However, if you take into account the minimum amount of money you can earn from Spotify, this can be offset by the large number of users using this option.

No doubt it will take a lot of work to make money from our music or podcast on Spotify. We have to build a solid listener base, which means investing our time and even the money paid in Facebook Ads recommendations, Google Ads, and even being able to pay money to appear on some of the many Spotify playlists that some people pay for. on the platform.

And remember, Spotify basically works as a distribution vehicle for our music, because while Tidal or Napster pay artists better, Spotify’s user base is larger.

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