How To Increase Sales On Beatport

If you work in the music industry and sell your songs on the Internet, then you are definitely interested in increasing the number of sales. This makes perfect sense when you’re trying to monetize your creative efforts.

The question is relevant for many musicians, many are faced with new problems and do not know how to solve them, where to find this elementary information.

Everyone, one way or another, is moving forward, everyone gets it differently, to achieve the same result, one needs a year of work, the other goes to this all his life. Someone is just lucky – he gets everything at once, someone works day and night on the way to his goal and dream. You can’t instantly become DJ No 1, you can’t immediately learn how to write high-quality music, you can’t just take it and wake up famous and famous. Everyone has their own path to success, everyone achieves recognition and popularity in the best way they can, there are no universal means and methods. It is enough to read the biographies of famous Djs and musicians, they all have one thing in common – they worked.

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How many sales does it take to get into the top Beatport? Let’s take a simple example. According to the label itself, the track in the compilation was bought about 25 times. There are 13 tracks in total. In order to at least approximately understand the order of the number of purchases, we multiply 13 by 25 and get 325 purchases of all tracks if they were bought separately. Let’s round up to 500 (this is a plus if you bought the entire compilation 175 times). It turns out that the release went to the top with about 500 sales. On Beatport. Not enough for a top? Hence the idea that the number of purchases can be somehow influenced.

So, there are some relatively easy ways to increase your music sales on Beatport:

  1. Distribution of promotional material. As a rule, before the release, all self-respecting labels send promo material to famous and not so famous Djs and musicians. You can do this too.
  2. Group ads on Facebook. Everything is simple here. An advertisement is made for a record in the group that you have a release with a link to the store. A certain amount is paid, the so-called targeting is indicated – the target audience to which your ad will be shown.
  3. Advertising video on YouTube channel. Similarly, to the previous point, advertising of your video with a track is paid, which then people all over the world close in a hurry so that it does not interfere with watching what they watched before. It is hardly worth using this expensive and not very effective method. We told about it only so that you do not waste your money in vain.
  4. Special services that provide services to promote your track. If you sign a contract with one of these services, it will take care of all the promotion of your music content. The problem is that services should be paid in advance.
  5. Special living people, professionals. PR, concert directors, managers, producers who work with you for a normal salary, really bring results, are engaged in your promotion, promotion, and everything else. How much it costs, you can imagine and dream up at your leisure. It seems to be a lot.

In the meantime, in no case should you lose heart, you should not give up, continue to work, improve in everything and remember that only the walking one can master the road.

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