How to Increase Your Presence on Spotify Playlists?

The earnings of artists today directly depend on their presence and popularity on music streaming services, because it is from music streaming that they receive 80% of the profit.

The number of plays on streaming platforms is a great indicator of success on Spotify, but there’s another factor that plays a huge role: the number of times your songs have been added to playlists. One in five streams across all streaming services happens on a playlist, and that number continues to rise. Half of Spotify users worldwide listen to human-created playlists (as opposed to algorithmic playlists), which generate over a billion streams per week.

There is no denying that people love playlists and trust them when looking for music. And because there are millions of playlists, as an artist you have a great opportunity to connect with an audience that really loves your music and wants to support you.

Spotify playlists are created and selected in different ways. The most popular playlists are created by Spotify’s own team and are obviously the most requested. Other playlists owned by Spotify start with a huge collection of information, which is further organized and refined by Spotify employees. In addition, there are customizable algorithm-based playlists such as Discover Weekly and Release Radar.

What many artists may not realize is that Spotify not only monitors a huge amount of data on the platform, but also monitors hundreds of music blogs, monitors social media word of mouth and correlates them with music listening activity, which is key for trendsetters on Spotify. So it makes sense to think of playlist features as part of an overarching strategy where all of your efforts complement each other.

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And do not forget about being active on social networks, about maintaining personal blogs and so on. Your name in the music industry should be promoted in every possible way. The main driver of your career in the streaming service will, of course, be the listeners themselves. The number of listening to a particular track, reviews, likes, and so on depends on their activity.

But in order to get into the editorial playlist of the Swedish music streaming service, you need the approval of its curators, who, in fact, will add your song to the editorial playlist. Or they won’t contribute if your song is not approved.

When evaluating a song and an artist, not only information from the artist’s account, his dynamics on Spotify, and so on are taken into account. Information is pulled up from social networks, from personal blogs, data on the number of subscribers are taken into account, and much, much more.

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